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    AMBA Research and Management Corp? Scam????

    Has anyone heard about AMBA Research & Management Corp? I got a letter from them congratulating me for being a representative in their company as a secret shopper. The enclosed a check for $2485.00 a cashiers check on the American Savings bank in Hawaii. I had to shop at Gap, WalMart and Western Union. After the assignment I had to call in and give results of shop and then cash the check. MMMMM is this legal?

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    Re: AMBA Research and Management Corp? Scam????

    They are conmen. You will cash their fake check and send money to them by wire. Your money will be gone and bank will want theirs back.

    If you want to be secret shopper, you should do some research. Secret shopper companies will never contact you out of the blue, never send money upfront and never ask you to send money by wire.

    You also should know rule #1 of avoiding scams on Internet. If somebody you do not know wants you to send money to them by wire, he intends to scam you. No exceptions.
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    Re: AMBA Research and Management Corp? Scam????

    That company may or may not exist but that email and check did not come from that company. As BorisZ said, it is a fake check. It is printed by another vicitm who thinks he has a 'job' printing payroll checks for some company.

    Secret shoppers pay you after completing the job, never, ever before.

    The only 'real' part of that job was you sending your cash to the scammer via Western Union. The call was just so you could give the scammer the MTCN# and question/answer on the Western Union form, then he would have hung up on you and raced to pick up the cash. Since you called him, that call didn't cost him a dime as incoming calls are free for him. Then he would have had your phone number and been able to block it so when the check bounced, you would not be able to call and complain to him.

    Just delete his email and any others that mention secret shopper, payment processor, cashing a check, opening a bank account or Western Union/moneygram, as any with those words is a scam.

    Although, before deleting the email address, you could post it here for other suspicious potential victims to find when looking for information.
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