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    Procredit Financial Group - Jamaica

    I have just been scammed by these people who call themselves "Procredit Financial Group," based in Kingston, Jamaica. Of course, they can change their name, but please take note of all of the telephone numbers below. They called me to tell me I was approved for a loan, sent me the loan documents, told me that I needed to secure the loan with 3 months payment, I trusted them. They called me back to tell me there was some problems with my credit and that they were going to have to try other lenders to get me approved. (This is after they told me that I was already approved, and took my money). They said, it's going to be another 3-4 days before you will have the money deposited into your account. They called me in that time to tell me once again, that they found a lender, but it was going to require that I send more money. DON'T DO ANY BUSINESS WITH THEM! They put a nice sounding young lady on the phone to tell you that you are approved. After they get your money, then you are shifted to a man who is a sneaky, low-life named Mr. Mike Druner. STAY AWAY FROM THEM! I pray they all burn in hell! These are the numbers to be aware of: Ms. Peterson, Mr. Mike Druner 1-876-284-9744, 1-876-853-3018, 1-876-891-4978, 1-866-529-0541(this number you can call directly). All numbers have the lettrers JM beside them. So if you see any of these numbers show up on your phone, BEWARE!
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    Re: Procredit Financial Group - Jamaica

    Sorry to hear you were scammed. What to remember here is that legit lending companied never, ever, under any circumstances, for any reason ask for money for anything up front. Period.

    You don't mention how you paid the money but I can guess it was by Western Union or maybe a bank transfer. Western Union can be picked up by anyone anywhere, no verification of the name, address, country or even the gender on the form. The Western Union clerk just hands the cash to whomever walks in with the MTCN# and question/answer. Bank transfers can only be reversed if there is cash in the scammer's account to take and the second you made the transfer, the scammer withdrew the cash.

    Now that you have been a victim of a scammer, more scammers will email and call you in the hopes you will be a victim for them, too. Even going so low as to pose as a government official saying you can get your money back if only you pay more cash by Western Union or moneygram.

    I also would suggest you go to your local law enforcement agency and make a report as there is a good chance your identity will be stolen very soon. You have given a scammer all the information he needs to sell and steal you identity and open credit cards, buy cars, houses, electronics and jewerly in your name and all on credit with every intention of sticking you with the bills.

    I would also strongly encourage you to invest in a good credit monitoring service for several years to come, order your credit report yearly and check it often online.

    Thank you for posting this information about a loan scammer, you probalby have saved a potential suspicious victim when they google for information about that company. Could you also post up the caller's phone number to help others find your post when they get a call from that unknown number? Is there an email or street address that you could also add to this thread?
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    Re: Procredit Financial Group - Jamaica

    this sounds horrible. Thank you for letting everyone know so they can beware

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    Re: Procredit Financial Group - Jamaica


    is that the website they used to trick you?

    never pay advance fees for loan. a loan is paid to you. fees may be deducted from the proceeds, but never, never, never, pay fees before you get money.

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    Re: Procredit Financial Group - Jamaica

    What you borrow money by sending them money? And I thought I had been ed over.:

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