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    Is www.ezeejobs.net a scam


    Anyone got any experience with www.ezeejobs.net ?


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    Re: Is www.ezeejobs.net a scam

    Only contact is by email, easy to block and ignore you. No street address, phone number or even owner's names listed.

    Under 'About Us', it says:
    Our company has been in existence for over ten years
    but according to the who-is they have only had a website for 2 years
    Updated Date: 02-feb-2010
    Creation Date: 27-feb-2009
    Expiration Date: 27-feb-2011
    Also from the who-is:
    Administrative Contact:
    WhoisGuard Protected
    Fax: +1.6613102107
    8939 S. Sepulveda Blvd. #110 - 732
    Westchester, CA 90045
    Is a UPS store, according to googlemap.

    Under 'Contact Us' I have to give them my name and email to ask a question. Why in the world would they need that to answer a simple question?

    Ahh, that is answered under 'Privacy Policy' section 'Sharing of the Information'
    We will use your email address to communicate with you and to send you updates, enhancements, news and promotions relating to our service.
    I see, sounds like they want to spam me with all kinds of dodgy job offers and 'upgrades'.

    The site says this:
    30 day Money Back Guarantee
    But nowhere on the site are the details of what criterial need to be met in order to get the money back.

    Under 'FAQ' and the question 'Tell me more about the $100 credit? ' the real thruth comes out.

    You will need to enter data to earn at least an additional $100 (type at least 20 forms on your own as each form is worth $5) or more as minimum payout is $200 or more.
    Sounds like you pay $65 to be told to:

    Spam forums with links
    Post ads all over
    Buy google adwords
    If you don't get banned
    Someone clicks on the link
    Buys something you are advertising
    ezeejobs.net or the affiliate site recognizes you sold something
    The buyer doesn't do a chargeback
    Your account is credited the $5
    This entire routine happens 20X in a month
    ezeejobs.net lets you do a payout
    you get your earned $100 and maybe even the $100 credit as well.
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    Re: Is www.ezeejobs.net a scam

    OMG.. this is one of the WORST I have seen. They blatantly state that you will be working FOR them.. yet you have to pay them to work? WTH?

    Most of these places hide the truth that you will be working for yourself but this one claims you will work for them?

    What a crock! Meri is right.. RUN RUN RUN

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    Re: Is www.ezeejobs.net a scam

    Who ever charge to provide work and who ever make the work as referring program may not be 100% genuine please check before joining
    Get genuine opportunity
    data entry work from home

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    Re: Is www.ezeejobs.net a scam

    Which company right now does not have a phone number? I have seen someone complain that you can only reach then through email which will take ages to get replied.

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