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    Please tell me what you think about this...

    [I]From : JR Hunt
    Sent : Monday, May 15, 2006 4:36 PM
    Subject : Re: Data Entry - WORK FROM HOME

    | | | Inbox

    Hello ,

    Thank you for your interest in the Processor/typist position

    Here is some more information about the job...


    Work at home Part-Time or Full-Time

    Earn $100 - $700 Per Week

    Full Online Training

    Completely Legit

    Work your own hours and days.


    Computer with Internet and Email access

    Good Typing Skills

    Basic Internet Knowledge



    This home based position is a great opportunity for

    stay at home moms/dads, students, or anyone who wants

    to work in the comfort of their own home.

    There is no calling strangers required. You respond to

    orders sent to your email and process them at your



    This Home Based position gives you the opportunity

    to earn $100 - $700 per week. We are seeking only

    self-motivated people with the desire to work in this field.

    No experience is needed.

    You must have a computer with Internet access, a

    dedicated e-mail account,

    and basic typing skills.

    You can choose to work full-time or part-time and can

    choose to work the hours of your choice.

    You do not have to contact anyone. You will be

    processing responses from the Ads, which will be

    explained to you in your training materials.

    Everything is sent to your email account.

    There is no contract to sign; the amount that you

    choose to process is entirely up to you.

    As with any job, you must be willing to work hard and

    try to respond to the orders in a timely manner.

    PLEASE BE ADVISED. This job is not for you if you do

    not wish to be your own boss, work from home and at

    your own convenience, and make money for tasks that

    you accomplish. This position is very much self-driven

    and task oriented.


    You will be paid from $10.00 to $20.00 for each

    order that you process. For example, if you

    process 35 in a week you make $350 to $700 weekly.

    The average person makes $600 per week. The

    amount of money you earn is entirely up to you.

    You will be responsible for keeping track of your

    earnings for tax time. As we do not take out any

    taxes or provide you with a 1099 form.


    The training materials you receive will give you


    instructions on how to get started.

    When you receive your training materials you may begin

    working on the same day.

    There is no special software required for this



    You will receive your payment through PayPal.

    You are not going to be paid weekly; you will be paid

    for each application that you process.

    There is a ONE-TIME non-refundable fee of $6.00

    This cost will cover the training materials sent to

    you. Once you process your very first application, you will

    have made back this fee! I processed 7 orders on my

    first day. One of my partners had 11 on her first day and by

    the end of week she could of processed 46 orders.

    Some start up fees are as high as $30.00 or more. We

    have tried to keep ours low. Please understand that as

    much as I would like not to charge this small processing

    fee, we must protect ourselves from those who are not

    serious about this work. Be assured, that you will recover

    this fee after processing your first order.

    The Training Materials will automatically be sent to

    your e-mail after your payment is received, you can

    then get started right away.

    If you do not have a PayPal account, you may go to

    PayPal.com to open a free account, so you can get paid

    for your work and purchase your materials. You may use

    me as a reference: jrdaragefan@gmail.com

    Please notify us when you have made the payment, so we

    can be sure the Materials were sent to you.


    Please send your payment through PayPal to our PayPal

    account address: jrdaragefan@gmail.com

    Thank you and I hope you join our team

    I think this is a reply to my response to the legitimatehomejobs.com Web site.
    If it is legit, I need to respond fairly quickly, but I'm SO parnoid about scams!
    Does this look like a scam, or does anyone know about this place specifically?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Please tell me what you think about this...

    The big red flag is "No contract to sign". Basically what that means is no company is actually going to be paying you. What I suspect this is, is they will send you an ebook of some sort with rudimentary information about internet marketing. You will be instructed to resell the book for however much you want and that is how you are going to make money off this.

    I'm not aware of any legitimate jobs that ask you to pay a fee to work for them.

    I'd advise stay away.

    Colin Neilson

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    Re: Please tell me what you think about this...

    Excellent points; thank you so much!

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    easylearn Guest

    Re: Please tell me what you think about this...

    This kind of data-entry job is an update of envelope-stuffing scams. Any job the requires a registration fee or training fee is probably a scam. You can read more about envelope-stuffing scams at this link:


    Good luck,


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    Re: Please tell me what you think about this...

    I have to agree 100% with cneilson and easylearn. Total scam.

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    Re: Please tell me what you think about this...

    Thanks everyone,
    I deleted that email right after reading cnielson's response.

    In my original post I speculated that this email was related to legitimatehomejobs.com; I was wrong. The email was related to a craiglist listing I responded to. I still don't know anything about legitimatehomejobs.com, so maybe it's okay...

    Thanks again!