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    Re: i cant remember :-(

    caring is never as simple as pointing out mistakes and saying you would do it different.that's politics!hehe!!caring means intervening at your own expense.it always involves a personal sacrifice.which explains why all the talk in the world is not gonna change anything.(actually,if everyone could hear all the talk in the world at once......YIKES!!)and it's always the other guys fault.they,them,whomever.everyone wishes for the good to take over and rule.they just want someone to lead the way and develope a big enough convincing CULT to make it WORTH IT to all involved!?hehe!!just askin....

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    Re: i cant remember :-(

    Quote Originally Posted by linda49
    Whoah - Back the truck up!! Please tell us "who" is to blame. If the 25 million in Africa with HIV are catholic and adhere STRICTLY to catholic doctrine and the message of The Pope - well, they would not have this problem, would they?
    .... are you just blowing smoke?....someone may call you on your statistics - (there are some very smart people here). I think you may have stepped beyond your ability.
    Personally I don't know who is to blame for HIV/AIDS in Africa or anywhere else in the world, but there are many ways to contract HIV/AIDS besides through sexual contact. It is a common misconception that HIV/AIDS is caused by being promiscuous and sleeping around. Also, using a condom cannot protect you 100%.

    The 4 main methods of contraction are as follows:

    Unprotected sex with an infected partner including oral sex, (which presents a low risk, but a risk nontheless)
    Sharing Needles with an infected person
    Transmission from infected mother to baby
    Infection from blood products eg transfusions etc

    The following link I googled gives some prevention tips http://www.ihv.org/guides/aids_prevention.html

    It is also worth noting that Africa is not the only place in the world with an HIV/AIDS problem. Alot of people think this is the case and then you read a paper or hear stories of people here in the Western world who acquired AIDS from someone they met in a club who looked "handsome" or "pretty".

    It is all about health promotion and health education to help prevent the spread of the disease worldwide.

    PS: I know my post is totally off topic, but I had to make a few points.
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