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    Casten Holdum fra Forbrugerraadet

    Carsten Holdum Cheføkonom fra forbrugerrådet er en medieliderlig dobbeltmoralsk mandsperson som gentagende gange har modtaget penge under bordet fra danske aviser og medier for at komme med sensations historier og for at underbygge usande og falske historier. Pas på hvis Carsten Holdum kontakter jeres virksomhed. Han er ikke ude på andet end at lave mønt til egen lomme. Carsten Holdum er blot en bedrager der laver penge på at hænge andre ud i alverdens medier, ulækker og beskidt fremgangsmåde er hans varemærke. Måske nogen skulle checke lidt op på hans private konti. Mon ikke der vil være et par indbetalinger der kunne stillea spørgmål til? Eller måske et par rejse til udlandet der ikke er betalt af egen lomme.

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    be aware of using this site. you get lots of attention from the ladies and when you pay, they seem to all disappear. i raised this to the owners and all i got back was "we guarantee nothing". Why is it that you have women sending emails, messages and when you purchase their information to contact them back, they don't reply.....ever

    Lesson learned!

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    Wincapita-Scam or Government Conspiracy?

    Wincapita was a supposed forex trading scheme which had been going for about 3 years making members about 30% profit per month run by a guy from Finland called Hannu Kailajarvi who disappeared when the Wincpita website went down in March 2007.Police issued a warrant for his arrest alleging the scheme was aponzi and he was finally found in Sweden in December 2008 and extradited to Finland where he was jailed.
    The Finnish law says that a suspect can only be held for 4 months without charge but he has been there in jail since then without being charged.
    But amazingly they have now just released him without charge.
    The police have had since march 2007 to investigate so surely if he was running a criminal ponzi scheme they could have turned up enough evidence to charge him by now.
    He always said the forex trading was genuine and again if it wasn't the police should be able to prove that one way or the other.
    Millions of euros of investors money has been siezed by police and never returned to them.

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    IDENTITY THEFT: April Kelley & Edward F. Kelley

    April Kelley and her husband Edward F. Kelley of Michigan (he works for the medical devices company Stryker) have engaged in cyber identity theft, blackmail, extortion, website programming scams where they try to get web programmers to build phony websites for their so-called "businesses" and then scam them out of the money while later accusing the programmers of putting in viruses on their sites and then engaging in blackmail and extortion against them.

    April and Edward Kelley are now making posts on this site and others using the name JayBartell to defame and slander the REAL person with that name and his associates. The Kelleys have also teamed with up a JFK conspiracy nut named Wim Dankbaar to carry out their crimes.

    The Kelleys email address is [email protected]

    INTERNET STALKING REPORT about the Kelleys.

    Check out for their abuses.

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    JFK-Assassination Scam: Selling James Files Story

    Dutch blogger WIM DANKBAAR has been selling the James Files Fraud story all across the internet for years, claiming that imprisoned criminal James Files was the sole assassin of President Kennedy. He sells this hoax through his website which he bought as part of a huge deal for the rights to the story costing him $300,000 from a third party whom he then scammed by not paying the balance due of $150,000!

    More recently, Wim Dankbaar has teamed up with a pair of identity thieves and other internet stalkers named April Kelley and Edward F. Kelley of Michigan to defame, slander, extort, blackmail. He says he is proud to have them on his team. Read the whole story as to how Dankbaar destroyed because someone disagreed with his contention that Files was the real murderer. You'll see Dankbaar has also threatened a consumer advocate because he won't help him destroy the man who told him Files was a fraud. Read about Dankbaar's tactics and that of his stalking team April Kelley and Edward F. Kelley.

    Related Links: Dankbaar Shoots to Kill-CyberSoup Report. Another James Files Fiction Report.

    Also: Dankbaar Author Fraud Warning

    Another team stalking report involving Dankbaar and April Kelley

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    Punit have finally answered, no problems whatsoever.
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    SNOW REMOVAL FRAUD SCAM ALERT: Christopher Beenau / Chris Beenau
    Buffalo, NY

    Do not do business with this individual! Mr. Beenau posts fliers around Buffalo neighborhoods advertising his services in snow removal and gardening. My partner and I signed a seasonal contract and paid by check. Contract states he will remove any snow more than 3 inches. We've never seen him since, including after three big storms that dumped 6-12 inches of snow. He does not answer his phone or return phone calls. When I finally managed to reach him and asked why our property isn't being plowed, and for our money back due to breach of contract, he screamed and cursed at me.

    If you have also been scammed by this con, please contact me. We can get a judgment against this guy and get our money back.
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    this company provided my personal information to some of it's members, including my name, address, phone number, email address and IP address. the information was posted in their chatroom. this information has ben used by its members for identity theft

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    United States Property Services scam

    I have just joined, and am not sure which category I should post this in.

    The US Property Services is a telemarketing company that targets land owners, offering to market their property to willing buyers on their website.

    They give you an inflated price that you can get for your land:yelcutelaughA:

    Of course, you have to pay a fee to them to list your land. I have more info for those who want more info.

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    This lady Vera had a website previously called
    later she shut it down and opened a new site in June.
    Now in less than 6 months she put up another website called
    None of her spells work.
    Once people realize her spells do not work and start reporting her scams, she shuts down the website and opens a brand new website. She must have made tons of money on the old site by then.
    Her spells do not work.SHE IS A SCAM!!!!!
    A sweet talking, money grabbing scam artist
    Do not ever fall for her bait
    The awards she claims to have won, which were in her previous website, cannot be seen anywhere on this new website
    Why would she hide her credentials? because people asked her questions about her website being fairly new and how she could have possibly been the #1 online spell caster ?
    In any case stay away from her.
    There are more complaints on her than anybody else and not even a single success story
    even her testimonials are fake.
    You can see for yourself that there is no way for you to write your own testimonial on the website.. so all her testimonials are made up by her.
    Final point SHE IS A SCAM

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    Leosure Escorts Scam

    I was scammed by a company called Leisure Escorts advertising with Fish4jobs offering big money for work in your area. £340 is what they wanted to get your profile advertised and get you plenty of work. Except once payment was made the work never came. The only call I ever got from them was asking for yet more money to upgrade me onto their "exclusive client" list. I was desperate to earn some more money and should never have fallen for it but I want to try and stop them ripping off anyone else!

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    Debt collectors, some of them convicted felons, have illegally posed as lawyers or unlawfully browbeat people — threatening to have them arrested or stripped of custody of their children — to scare them into making payments.
    Nationally, the Federal Trade Commission received more than 78,000 complaints about third-party debt collectors in 2008 and announced civil judgments of more than $1 million against agencies. The 2008 complaint total, the most recent complete-year figure available, was more than twice that of 2003. No other industry generated more calls.

    For the first half of 2009, the FTC logged 45,050 complaints, an increase of nearly one-third from the same period in 2008.

    Michelle Minton of Springville said she was home alone with her two toddlers when someone claiming to be a lawyer for a collection firm phoned her, told her she owed $2,100 and said a warrant had been issued for her arrest. The only way out, he said, was for her to make a payment immediately.

    "If your husband can't make it home from work, your children will have to go to Social Services," he told her.

    Minton was certain there had been a mistake, but panicked and gave the caller access to her bank account, which was quickly drained of $900. She found out later the debt was owed by someone else.

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    Blue Mountain Greeting Card scam

    I went into Blue Mountain Greeting card site on December checking out their cards for family members. They advertised a 30 day free trial that they would not charge for the membership until the end of the thirty days. Today, the 6th day of January, just 14 days later, when I was about to cancel the trial membership since most of the cards I sent were never picked up, I received notification that I had already been charged the 19.99 membership charge.
    When I tried to call their so called customer service number, all I got was a recording and never could talk to a live representative, and when I called Pay Pal about the charge that will come out of my bank account, they said they could cancel any further charges but would not cancel the charge even though it says it will not be final until January 11.
    What Blue Mountain did is nothing but fraud and telling people that they have a 30 day free membership before any membership charges are incurred is just a scam to get money out of people, taking the money from their account prior to the 30 days. I am so disgusted with these internet sites lying to the public just to scam them out of money. I want others to know that no one ever honors their free trials and Blue Mountain just proved that. I thought it was just work from home sites that did this type of con job on the public, but found out the hard way that I was way wrong. IF this had been the 21st or 22nd of January, close to the 30 day limit, and I had not cancelled, then I would only have myself to blame for putting it off for so long, but due to me planning to cancel today, and finding out they had already charged me, tells me that they care nothing about honoring their word, nor that they are committing fraud against the consumer.
    I have sent them an e-mail, the second one matter of fact as their first customer service e-mail address came back, so we will see if they are honest enough to even answer my e-mail. Just a warning....Do Not believe any company that says you have a specific amount of free days trial. It is a lie.

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    Allegiance Auto Shipping, Inc

    I spoke with Tonya F. a sales rep for ALLEGIANCE AUTO SHIPPING, INC around 11AM on Friday Sept. 18th 2009. I needed to find a company that would was able to have my car picked up in Albuquerque, NM and delivered to me in Aventura, FL by Wed. Sept. 23, 2009. Tonya said that it was not possible. Being that she had only been working there for 2 months, I figured that she had her limitations. So I asked if there was a manager there that could override her decision, which there was. ADI GABISON was the office manager, but once he got on the phone, he told me that he was infact the owner. I told him my delima, & he was aware that I wasn't interested in doing business with them UNLESS there was a way to EXPEDITE MY VEHICLE. Luckly for me, he had the PERFECT SOLUTION! Or so I thought! He told me, as he was looking at his computer he had a driver that was in Albuquerque, New Mexico who had room for one more vehicle who was going to be leaving that night or latest early Sat. morning Sep. 19th. He then stated that I would need to pay a fee of $400 to EXPEDITE my vehicle. He then explained that the reason it was $400 was also because I was taking another cars place & that it was GUARANTEEING ME DELIVERY ON OR BEFORE WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 23,2009. So I agreed. He asked for my credit card info over the phone to get things started. He then asked me to go to their website & to read & sign their Terms of Agreement. I asked him to fax me over their shipping form & asked for it to include what we agreed on. By the time I received their form (which didn't state or even mention that the $400 charge was for Expediting my vehicle or GUARANTEEING me delivery on or before Sept. 23, 2009) It didn't even include any of the terms that we agreed upon. It just stated that they were charging me $1000 & that I was authorizing them to charge $400 to my account for Transportating my vehicle. Something told me to check my bank account. I was shocked because he had already gone and taking the $400 from my account. Mind you the money was gone from my account, before I received their authorization form. So without my signature & before I had read their Terms of Agreement & signed their document, I had already be charged $400. I should've listened to my instincts, because that right there was a sign that they WEREN'T A LEGITAMITE COMPANY.... I started getting on there nerves cause I started asking all these questions about charging my account before I had even signed anything. Then they also promised me that I would receive by the end of the day the number to the driver. Instead I received a call at 5:09 from Jessica over at Allegiance Auto Shipping, who ended up leaving me a message stating that my car had been scheduled for pick up tomorrow morning(Sat. Sept 23.) & left me the number to my driver (505) 247-2919. So I decided to call & a man by the name of Ray answered and said "MADRID TOWING". I was confused, so I asked if they transport vehicles across state lines? He told me "NO" and he asked if I was calling regarding the 2005 Convertible Audi? I said "Yes". He then told me that JESSICA FROM ALLEGIANCE AUTO SHIPPING ASKED HIM TO PICK UP MY VEHICLE & TO STORE IT UNTIL MONDAY MORNING. AT WHICH TIME HE WOULD BE RELEASING IT TO THE DRIVER. I IMMEDIATLY called Allegiance Auto Shipping & NO ONE ANSWERED.. There was a message stating that they're closed after 5PM & won't be back in the office until Monday morning. What a COINICIDENCE! She calls me & leaves a message at 5:09PM & when I called her back it was 5:14PM there was no there to answer. I called back the Madrids & asked for Ray, I then asked him if he had another number for them. He gave me the cell phone number to JOE who worked for Allegiance Auto. Stated he was the one who placed the order. So I called JOE and he answered. I then apologised for calling his cell, explained that I spoke with ADI GABISON earlier & told him that my car was scheduled for pick-up the next morning & was supposed to be delivered by Wed. Sept 23rd. Right away he knew that I was calling regarding the Audi. JOE THEN STATED, "You must be confused, because your car is scheduled for pick up on Monday & will be delivered either Friday or Sat the latest". I then corrected him by explaining that there was no confussion on my part. I told him that I spoke with the owner myself ADI GABISON, and he CHARGED MY ADDITIONAL $400 TO EXPEDITE MY CAR & GUARANTEED ME DELIVERY BY WEDNESDAY SEPT. 23,2009. He then laughed and said, " FIRST OF ALL ADI IS NOT THE OWNER, HE ONLY WORKS FOR THE COMPANY & HE'S BEEN THERE LONGER THAN ANY OF US & SHOULD KNOW THAT THERE'S NO WAY WE COULD GUARANTEE YOUR VEHICLE BEING DELIVERED ON WED. SEPT. 23RD, WHEN IT'S SCHEDULED FOR PICK UP ON MONDAY SEPT. 21ST. I EXPLAINED THAT'S WHAT I WAS PAYING FOR & ASKED IF THERE WAS A WAY FOR HIM TO CONTACT ADI? JOE SAID THAT IT WAS THE WEEKEND & THAT HE WOULDN'T BE REACHABLE & SUGGESTED I SHOULD CALL BACK MADRIDS TOWING COMPANY & CANCEL THE PICK-UP, THEN TO CALL ADI FIRST THING MONDAY MORNING & TALK WITH HIM. I was really upset & didn't know what else to do. I couldn't contact another company now it was too short of notice. I was starting training for my new job on Thursday Sept 24th & didn't have the money to rent a vehicle. My mother & sister ended up offering to drive my vehicle down from Albuquerque, New Mexico all the way to Aventura, FLorida. I'm so blessed to have such a LOVING & WONDERFUL FAMILY... My mom & sister ended up leaving Sun. Morning Sept 20th & ended up here in Miami Tuesday night(Sept. 22nd).:-)

    After contacting Mr. Adi Gabison Monday morning Sept & explaing that I wanted my $400 reimbursed to my account & why, Mr. Adi Gabison stated that the reason my car was getting picked up on Monday( HERE GOES ANOTHER LIE) was because the Driver got stuck in CA & since I'm cancelling my order they will only chargeback $250 because there's a $150 cancellation charge after 72hrs... LOL WHAT!!!
    I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I explained that I wasn't cancelling my service, that I wasn't getting delivery on or before Sept. 23rd AS PROMISED! I think he forgot what I paid for OR perhaps this was just ANOTHER SCAM.. He said, "well you'll get it by Friday". I told him that because of the service he didn't provide, my mother & sister are now driving my car across state lines because the car needed to be here by Wed. Sept 23rd. Needless to say they refused my refund of $400 & I had to contact my bank & dispute the charge.
    Which I did that very same day. My bank gave me a temporary credit of $400, mailed me a form to fill out. Problem Solved!!

    Well, on Dec. 16th, 2009, after reviewing what the merchant (Allegiance Auto Shipping, Inc). had to say about my dispute, my bank, sent me a letter stating,
    " They were unable to continue the dispute with the merchant(ALLEGIANCE AUTO SHIPPING) since they have PROVIDED PROOF that my vehicle was delivered on OCTOBER 12, 2009.
    I think that I've said more than enough... I decide to be the bigger person & not BLOG any negative review about the company becasue I thought my bank would take care of this whole issue, but seeing what lenghts they're trying to go just to keep my $400, I thought I should let people know what kind of company their dealing with. I saw one bad review on this company & I chose to ignore it, DON'T IGNOR THIS ONE!! I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND USING A DIFFERENT COMPANY. THEIR ONLY A BROKER!!
    Check them out on BBB.. Their Rated D+

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    Child support

    I have a 17 year old step son we live in massachusetts. His father has been scamming the courts for over one year with a bogus child support scam. His father has been with a woman he has recently married for 6 years. They own a home together. She has always been abusive toward his son. Over the past 6 years the boys father has "moved out" 5 times and rented places each time returning to his home he shared due to financial failure. This has caused extensive damage to the developement of my wifes son. His son has tagged along with him for the most part splitting time with his mother. In June of 2008 he "moved out" again and the son now 16 moved in full time "wit"h him and turned his back on his mother for the next six months. The father did not live with the son instead he traveled back and forth staying mostly at his home with his then fiance and sometimes stayng with his son in the rented place. The son loved this because he was a 16 year old with little to no supervision. Eventually the father filed for support and forbid the son from returning his mothers phone calls and rebuking her attempts to see him. We outlined all of the facts regarding his fathers coersion and poor parenting skills and the judge simply went on what the son wanted to do. The judge said he needs to go out and "flap his wings". All in the name of the child support scam. He moved his son 3 times in 14 months from 2008 into 2009 and the last move back home with his wife. His son appears to have been thrown out of the house and now lives full time with us. His father is still collecting support. My wifes son has expressed his desire to split his time between parents which would nullify the support order with due process. The father continually makes threats that his son will not decide where to live(but it was ok when it got him his payday) and has routinely taken away a used car he got him with the child support proceeds to make the kid comply. The is no justice in the family court and it is fertile ground for people like my step sons father. He put a price on his own a sons head and now his son is extremely conflicted over simple right and wrong decisions.

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    Maxidus Sex Pill Scam More Then 100 Sites

    Maxidus Sex Pill Scam More Then 100 Websites Can You Belive It , The Is From Malaysia , But Runing All Of His Scam Sites Using Proxys In The Us. If You Got Scamed Buy Them , Report Here. Ther Pills Dont Work At All , Dont Buy It , Trust Me.

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