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    Suppressing Nature

    If you suppress a natural inclination, then you are likely to do damage, one way or another.

    Imagine you needed to go to the loo, as your brain was telling you that you needed to empty your bladder, but you denied yourself this action? I would imagine that years of doing this, would eventually cause health problems!

    Imagine if you were to hold your breath, to prove some point, then it would not take long before you found out the negative effects of doing that!

    To that same end, sex is entirely natural, and the business of no one, save for the adults involved.

    Sexual desire is also natural.

    These things are all healthy, natural, and entirely normal.

    Just as with the other examples that I gave.

    And just as with my other examples, if one suppresses this natural desire, for a lifetime, then, sooner or later, it is going to hurt you, just the same.

    Catholic Priests are not 'allowed' to marry, as if doing so would make them a lesser man. What rot. Doesn't the bible wax lyrical about marriage, and its virtue's? Then why cannot a man marry, merely because he is a Priest? AFAIK, RC Priests were actually permitted to marry, at one point in history.

    By imposing unnatural and cruel restrictions on the mind, is it any wonder that the bi product is paedo priests, who are sexually dysnfunctional?

    By the same token - nuns. Can't marry ya see, because they are already 'married to Jesus'. :freak3:

    Being denied the normal outlet of love with another man, marriage, and sex, is it any wonder so many have a history of being totally sadistic nutters?
    Every Saint has a past, every sinner has a future..

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    Re: Suppressing Nature


    Wrong section.

    Every Saint has a past, every sinner has a future..

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