Today I had an interesting encounter. I have my own business and I work in the service industry.
I was at a home and was performing a service to a piece of equipment and who knocks at the door, a fisher, an evangelist. He was here to spread the good news of god (supposed) and his (alleged) kid jesus. How jesus died (supposedly) for our sins (supposed) and he was here to help this lady find christ.
I know the Ms. and I just listened and she listened and was very polite (as she is usually) until.... Her other half came home, walked in and kissed. The evangelist ask whom this person was (politely) and he was introduced to the Ms. girlfriend. The look on the fisher's face was one of a refrained "holy shit". The women are a couple and have been for longer than I have know them. Anyway,
he began to stumble and he just let it out that they were living in sin and that this was an abomination to (supposed) god and his commands and that (supposed) god had put them in their home for this very reason. (mind you, this was not a hell and brim stone preaching, but a rather polite dissertation on how (supposed) god and the bible wants things.
This went on for a good 15-20 minutes, no arguing or fighting, but I would say it was interesting. Some things that I took away from it was that one of the ladies said, "Why don't christians go after false preachers like they go after a gay couple who wants to be married?" "Why is it that it's okay for the people "to give to Caesar what is Caesar" but when it comes to churches they yell "501c3!!".
I just sat there and listened, until the fisher looked in my direction and plainly told him I wanted nothing to do with his god delusion. He tried to hand out tracts, and mentioned that he would pray for us (the 3 of us) and I piped up that I'll think for him...
What amazed me is how the conversation changed as soon as the girlfriend entered the picture. How (supposed)god loves this and love you that but as soon as the g/f showed up it turned into you're all damned.
Just thought I share my interesting day. :)

But I would like to know why don't christians police the fleecer's? Why is it okay for us to pay taxes and not the church? I know why for both, but I would like to hear from others. I think it would be a neat conversation.