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    Beware Baccara Holiday Services Crete Holiday Scam

    There is company Baccara Holiday Services in Kreta who advertise spechal tour with hotel. we booked direct and paid bank transfer they did not collect us from airport, and if you call them they close phone, me and my family travel from Russia with 25 other people for 1 week tour and we were left in Heraklion airport completely with no where to stay and no trips and we had to ask money from familiy to rent other hotel, people on island say they do this all of the time, we visitted the police but they say we can not do anything because we paid with bank transfer they have been in trouble on many occasions. Be carefull

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    Re:Baccara Holiday Services Crete Holiday

    Dear Friends,

    we can accept our guest`s criticism but not lies from anyone with no name. For your information, Baccara Holiday Services is not co-operating with Russian Market yet, we never used on-line reservations system, so it is not possible for someone to book his/her holidays straight with Baccara Holidays only via a Tour Operator on abroad who is responsible the payments.

    None can see the hotels that we provide to our co-operators.

    We are co-operating only with Tour Operators, not with individuals guests.

    If you visit our website, you will see that is still under construction and there is no online system for bookings.

    We believe dear "no name" that you or your family or one of the 25 persons who travelled with you, that someone should make complaints or sue us.

    Dear "no name" we are at your desposal for any information or documents that you need concerning our companys profile and legal personality.

    Please do not pay attention to such a bad lidellus.

    For people who have complaints, there is the Greek National Tourism Accosiation.
    How seriously would be all those bad messages without even a name???

    Thank you for your time!

    Kind Regards,

    Baccara Holiday Services

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