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    Jesus wasn't crucified?

    Every Saint has a past, every sinner has a future..

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    Re: Jesus wasn't crucified?

    I am pretty sure he was spotted with Elvis

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    Re: Jesus wasn't crucified?

    My own thoughts on this are that the author saw the potential in the 'Jesus wasn't...' theme.

    In other words, he is aware that religion + controversial new slant = potential $$$.

    This isn't 'bad'.

    Nor does it mean that what he writes is automatically invalid.

    I suppose some of his claims could be true.

    Imo though, he probably was killed, and this probably was done by crucifixtion.

    Prophets were ten a penny, in those days. Jesus (one of) the best remembered, since he made the additional claim that he was the son of god.

    This is primarily what caused enemies.

    The Jews loathed him, for proclaiming this, and he got on the wrong side of the Romans as well - not a good idea!

    That is like having the Mafia and the Triads both after you.:2gunsfiring_v1:

    It's going to get ugly for you.

    I think Jesus might have believed, with all his heart, that he WAS a messianic figure, however, I don't think that there is enough to show that he was the son of anyone but man, rather than god. No offence, but he could have been a nice fella, a good fella, but what we would call 'deluded', today.

    Why isn't that a possibility, should be the question.

    These days, if a man made those claims, then there would be no Romans around to trouble him, and I think the rest of the world, Jews as well, would think that the man had problems.

    But I am sure that Jesus was convinced of who he thought he was, and paid a big price for being so outspoken, in brutal times. He managed to convince some others of the same, and I suppose they might have been seen as a cult, in their day.

    I believe that as he died on the cross, Jesus realised that his 'father' was not doing anything to help him, hence why he said 'why have you foresaken me'.

    After his demsise, I believe the ascention to be invented by those who wished to keep the idea of a supernatural Jesus alive, rather than a historical Jesus.
    Every Saint has a past, every sinner has a future..

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    Re: Jesus wasn't crucified?

    Fascinating video. That's the way to sell a book. Claim to have letters of Jesus, etc., but say they can't be produced. Get others to lie for you. In today's world, hardly anyone questions.

    I have an opinion, based on almost no historical facts, that Jesus was the OT Lord. Because my argument lacks documentation, I can't engage in debate. How can I support such a position? My argument is based mostly on conjecture.

    It is a huge leap of faith to think Jesus was God. I believe it is an unsolved mystery. For many years, I made my living as an insurance investigator, so, I'm a natural skeptic. Here are facts to consider.

    For about 35 years after the cruxificion, there're no historical records about Jesus. Back then the average life span was about 35 years. If all of the the gospel writers said was true, why wasn't the good news reported sooner? Why are there so many inconsistencies between the OT and NT regarding the son of God? Could it be that the "son of God" story was a cover up. Who would belief stories about the "Lord of the universe" being murdered? No one! What else could they say?
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    Re: Jesus wasn't crucified?

    All interesting arguments, but they still avoid the specific teachings, which supposedly came from Jesus, not to mention Paul.

    For example, Matthew 13:11, in which Jesus pointed out that the Jews of his day were not able to understand what he was saying, and that if they did, he could heal them.

    Thren you have that "A prophet is not without honor, save in his own country".

    And of course there's strait is the gate and narro the path, that leads to life, and few there be that find it".

    These are not the words of a man trying to convert followers of his own people. Even in regard to the "born again" chapter of John 3, Jesus never said to Nicodemus, "Praise God, brother! I was hoping you would understand!"

    Jesus told Nicodemus a man had to be born again(actually "from above" since it was translated from the greek "anothen", meaning from above).

    Nicodemus asked for an explanation, and jesus said, in effect, "Say what? You're a rabbi of Israel, and you don't know what I'm talking about?"

    He was not only a man who was misunderstood, he was not understood much at all, and didn't seem to care.

    To compound the matter, he warned against all those who would claim to be messiah, and that we should follow none of them. If he was insisting we follow only him, with no chosen reps, then we're in deep doodoo, because we can't figure out who the reps are.

    Paul pretty much followed the same message, that israel was blinded, except for a select few, and the message went out to the Gentiles so the number of "saved" would be complete. But wait, Israel wasn't going to hell. It was just a temporary thing until the number was complete.

    Number of what? Don't know. No one gave clear rules and regulations.

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