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    Bush's Idea Of Progress: Renewed Cold War With Russia

    It looks like the Bush Crime Gang are making real progress now in their own inimitable fashion: Pushing US foreign policy back 50 years. Be afraid America. Be very afraid.

    Russia and US trade angry words over Iran at UN dinner
    By Philip Sherwell in Washington
    (Filed: 14/05/2006)

    The American secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice, and her Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov, traded barbs during bad-tempered talks at a foreign ministers' summit in New York on Iran's nuclear programme.

    The exchanges provided a candid introduction to diplomacy for Margaret Beckett, the new Foreign Secretary, who attended the tetchy session at the end of her first full day in the job. The row, which further undermines hopes of a diplomatic solution to the Iran crisis, reflects deepening rifts between the United States and Russia.

    Condoleezza Rice
    Ms Rice: 'This meeting isn't going anywhere'

    Tension surfaced at a private meeting hosted by Ms Rice in the Waldorf Hotel for the Russian, British, French, German and Chinese foreign ministers, and spilt over into a much-delayed dinner.

    One official in Washington said: "It was a pretty extraordinary session and everyone's been talking about it in private since. It was certainly quite an introduction to the rough and tumble of the new job for Mrs Beckett."

    Mr Lavrov arrived at the Waldorf for the meeting seething about a speech on Kremlin policies delivered by Dick Cheney, the vice-president, the previous week in Lithuania. The Russian repeatedly complained about the comments and then threatened to veto a Security Council resolution, drafted by Britain and France and backed by the US, that would force Iran to abandon enrichment of uranium.

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    Re: Bush's Idea Of Progress: Renewed Cold War With Russia

    The US has plenty to fear in the next years ahead. With China moving into South America with welcomed open arms, and Hugo's oil so cheap. Russia and China combining strategic exercises only suggests a fiasco for the now most hated country in the world. Only God can help, but US mostly rejecting God and more busy scamming others throughout the world with this get rich lazy plans. We love people of the US, but people of US are getting away from the hard labor induced work habits and falling trap to the corporate lifestyle that caters to laziness. Loose the binds that hold back the blessings from above my fellow man.

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