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    Freecreditreport / Annualcreditreport

    :2gunsfiring_v1: Where do I begin?! I just finished a telephone conversation with a rep from Freecreditreport.com. Granted, i was able to view my report free as we have been granted as consumers right? WELL WRONG! Since cancelling my account with both companies(annualcreditreport and freecreditreport.com) during a "free trial"(after charging my account $14.95 today and not informing me) the young lady did not know that I had another account with the other company and basically ratted them out! She attempted to say "Oh, we are not associated with annualcreditreport.com." I laughed:yelcutelaughA: and said "Really?! I just spoke with a rep earlier that confirmed I had two accounts!!" She then proceeded to say "Well ma'am, I can let you see your FREE REPORT for FREE for 3 months until you decide to cancel."(and let them keep my account info)Do you think I'm a fool: WTH?! As a consumer I receive it FREE automatically...they never offered all 3 after charging me the price for all 3. So here I am to warn you to stay away from these two sites and view your report any other way you can!

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    annualcreditreport.com is the correct site to go to get reports from all three, once a year, without any charges.

    the other is a for profit service providing continuous access to the reports all year long for a monthly fee. the confusion is caused because they have a free trial period and are named free credit report .com.


    is the right place for your once a year free report.

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    Re: Freecreditreport / Annualcreditreport

    I had accts with both companies! I have done this every yr for the past 5 yrs and received all 3 reports free. Annualcreditreport did not give me the same services this year. My credit score is excellent so I know what I'm speaking of. Her problem came when she(the freecreditreportrep) said "We are not affiliated with them(as in annualcreditreport)" :judges: But hold on, earlier in the day I spoke with another rep that CONFIRMED my 2 accts were in the system before her eyes in the computer before I cancelled. And I was already charged. That was when I became livid...

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