They have a great pitch on their website but anyone make any money after investing in their program?

REINclub Founder & President Larry Loik with Real Estate Expert & National Best Selling Author
Robert Allen & WInner of Donald Trump's The Apprentice TV Show Kendra Todd

Our Real Estate Investor meetings include guest speakers who specialize in Foreclosures, Preconstruction, New Construction, Condo-Conversions, Rehabbing, Commercial Real Estate and many more Real Estate Investing topics for Southern California, Las Vegas Nevada, Florida, Texas And many other states.

So if you're a Beginner and only have Carleton Sheets program sitting on your shelf or a seasoned Real Estate Investor like Donald Trump & The Apprentice, then this is the place for you.

Many of our members are graduates of Robert Allen, Robert Kiyosaki, Ron Legrand, Scott Scheel (Commercial Real Estate training), Bruce Norris, Jeff Kaller, Robyn Thompson, David Finkel, Jeff Adam, Peter Conti, John Burley, Dolf Deroos, Garrett Sutton, Dr. Al Lowry, Reggie Brooks, Pete Youngs, Jeffrey Taylor, Robert Shemin, John Beck, Lou Brown, Richard Roo, Scott Rister, David Lindhal (apartment building training), Diane Kennedy, Dwan Bent Twyford, Sharon Restrepo, Vena Jones-Cox, Minh Pham, Wendy Patto, Kris Kirschner , Bob Diamond, Mike Summey, Tony Robbins & more.

Many of these speakers have either spoken at REINCLUB or will in the future. We provide a professional & entertaining environment that enables you to establish long term friendships and a Real Estate network with many opportunities.

Each & every month we have great Real Estate Investor speakers, Real Estate developers, Real Estate brokers and vendors that share with you their Real Estate expertise to help you with your growth in Real Estate Investing.

This is the most dynamic & fun Real Estate Investor Network
you will ever experience!

Check our Real Estate Investor Network Calendar and you will see that we have MORE events, workshops and meetings in Los Angeles & Ventura County with a diverse range of topics all related to Real Estate Investing than any other "club" in Southern California.

Many events are at no cost and our members enjoy many special members only activities & opportunities.

The REINclub is the source & the one Real Estate Investor Network in Los Angeles that you can come to and learn what it takes to become wealthy by learning how to invest in real estate the right way.

Why Join the REINCLUB?

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