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    Re: Heard of Freelance Work Exchange?

    Warning the Guys/Gals of Freelance exchange have changed their name to Go Freelance. Almost gave them my money but i did a quick google search and found this web site. Sorry for you all that lost your money to these scammers.

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    Re: Heard of Freelance Work Exchange?

    Be careful signing up for this scam of a web site. Warning, even if you do fork up the 3 dollars for the one week membership, you MUST cancel before the seventh day or else they will automatically bill you for a whole month of membership (30 dollars through CCBill.com). Adding insult to injury, I was charged an additional 20 dollars on top of what I had already lost for reasons I still cannot figure out. Trying to get your money back from CCBill is impossible so I had to contest the purchases with Visa. Suffice it to say, add another disatisfied customer who is 53 dollars poorer for his troubles.

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    Re: Heard of Freelance Work Exchange?

    Thank you all for your information. I am a new father and recently unemployed looking to compliment my unemployment allowance. The loss of money from Go Freelance would have hurt a bit.

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    Re: Heard of Freelance Work Exchange?

    I actually did not even realize I was going to be charged $30 for a work ad service. I was looking for freelance work for graphic design, and they came up in the search. I had totally forgot about them, because they did not have any graphic design jobs and never sent me any emails. When I got charged the first time I tried to contact them through their website ticket, e-mail provided by the websites, and even their bogus phone number. Luckily when I paid the $3 I did not with my PayPal account. I never pay much attention to my bank account I could have been charged more than twice. Also, I was lucky that PayPal felt sorry for me and understood I had tried to contact these people. I refunded me my money for one $30 and even canceled any ties my account had with Freelance Work Exchange, so they can not charge me again.

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    Re: Heard of Freelance Work Exchange?

    Be aware all freelancer scam artist. GIUSEPPE LIDONNICI is a scam artist, theft artiest. posting as a professional webdesigner and programmer to do contract work. he asking high upfront startup cost and never do the work. He constantly, making promise that it almost done when he never start on it. day after day, week after week, and month after month, same old promise untill you got tired and give up on him. After that he ignore all your email and phone calls. I believe he been stealing many people high upfront money on all different freelance site. BE AWARE.... GIUSEPPE LIDONNICI is a fraud, dont let him steal your money. Be aware all freelancer with similar action, they could stealing your money

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    Re: Heard of Freelance Work Exchange?

    this is a complete fake report, please contact me at [email protected] and dont believe to FAKE PEOPLE


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    Re: Heard of Freelance Work Exchange?

    Hi Guys,

    I've been researching freelance sites from the client side.

    Freelance work exchange is no longer online (except for on scams.com), but I came across Go Freelance in my research.

    Go Freelance is very flashy, but there was NO PLACE for me to post a job listing. That means I can't hire freelancers on this site.
    Which, as a freelancer, should worry you.
    I don't know where this job gets their listings from, but they're probably fake.

    Proceed with caution. And remember that any legitimate Freelance site has to appeal to clients as well as freelancers in order to succeed.

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    Re: Heard of Freelance Work Exchange?

    There are so many places I can get free work at home jobs why should I pay them?

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