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    DRMR Finance Network IS A SCAM!!!

    Stay away from Joshua Schultz at DRMR Finance Network in Lake Mills, WI and his Lawyer Martin Greenberg with Greenberg-Hoeschen, llc as these con artists suppose to be the ******* source for a few lenders. Me and a few other clients wired our funds to the lawyer last year and still NO SETTLEMENT.

    I will ask the lender to file a class action lawsuit and gather all the clients to participate. If you wired your money to the Joshua Schultz or his crooked lawyer Martin Greenberg of Milwaukee, WI, they took everyone's money and used it for their own gain. E-mail me at: tamoshielynn@gmail.com so I can submit it to the lender so they can file the Class Action lawsuit. We're going to sue their pants off plus sue for pain & suffering and get that crooked lawyer disbarred!!! I already contacted the State Bar of Wisconsin and the FBI. They are on it!!!

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    Re: DRMR Finance Network IS A SCAM!!!

    Oh, I have all the e-mails to prove what I am saying so we need to get this Joshua Schultz locked up doing some time. At least 5 years as he can not do people like this. :madgo:

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    Re: DRMR Finance Network IS A SCAM!!!

    Hi McPherson, I did get your e-mail and I do apologize for not responding on time. I want to thank everyone for all the responses I've received. I received over 300 e-mails and I do appreciate your concerns and your support.

    During the course of the months, my team and a few others that responded provided a lot of research on the Crooked Joshua Schultz and his crooked attorney Martin Greenberg. I was asked by my partner not to post any more remarks as the alleged “******* Source” provided an update and below is what was sent:

    4-6-10 Status
    This morning DFN received a call from the transaction group, the following is the information that was conveyed to us during the phone call.
    1.The bank contract was issued by the bank and received by the principal last Thursday as stated.
    2.The principal and his attorneys reviewed the documentation Friday and throughout the weekend.
    3.The principal and the bank conducted a phone conference yesterday to refine contract language, terms and timing.
    4.The final contract terms were negotiated during the phone conference.
    5.The changes are being made to the contract and there is to be a follow up phone conf today to finalize.
    6.The principal and the bank intend to finalize acceptance of the contract today.
    7.Upon acceptance the bank communication will be authorized for release.
    8.Upon sending of bank communication it is stated as 3 to 10 days for bank to process and provide trade line to principal.
    9.Upon sending of bank communication, DFN will be advised of the arrival date of an advance and the final determined advance amount.
    DFN will advise you immediately upon receipt of further information.
    Joshua Schultz on behalf of
    dRMR Finance Network, LLC as Managing Member

    Now based on the above, we should fund this month; 3-10 days and 2 days ago, it was 9 business days from the 5th of April's date. No “Ifs”, “ANS” or “BUTTS” about it because there's no way we will accept another excuse. Please, if there are any more Intermediaries and/or Trade managers out there that can e-mail me your concerns, experiences, etc, that will be great. I was so surprised how many Intermediaries and Trade Managers already responded and according to the ones that did responded, these types of transactions never take this long. Your info will be kept confidential and I will never post names.

    Every comment will help as we was told by our Attorneys that we already have a criminal & civil case on our hands. Let's hold out on the posts until the time above is reached just to see if they will have another excuse or perform the above duties and fund us. I'll keep you all posted and again, e-mail me at: tamoshielynn@gmail.com for all your concerns instead of posting on this site; just for now. Thank you for your support.

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    DRMR Development IS A SCAM!!!

    DRMR Finance Network, LLC is also dRMR Development. Joshua Schultz website is http://www.drmrdevelopment.com and Martin Greenberg owns part of dRMR Development.

    I do not know how long they been scamming people but I also found out that Joshua & Martin has a project with Tony Hawk (the skateboard clown) and his website is http://www.tonyhawk.com. It is possible that Joshua and Martin use you people's money to better their own project.

    I am well known with the PPP, been doing it for over 20 years and it never takes 6 months. They receive the returns already over and over again and did not tell you guys. I can bet money on that.

    It is best that all of you contact the Attorney General's Office to report this and their number is 608-266-1221. I had to file a complaint before so they will have you write your complaint out in detailed and mail it to them. You can call them to get their address.

    Yah, people like this needs to be stopped. Since Martin Greenberg is an Attorney, you can also contact the Office of Lawyer Regulation at 608-267-7274 to get this Attorney off the streets. I hope this will help. I see a few other posts about Joshua Schultz and Martin Greenberg so I will post my message on those sites to. Good luck.

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    Re: DRMR Finance Network IS A SCAM!!!

    Attention all participants of this internet message board forum, the information that has been posted in this internet message board forum is false, defamatory and libelous. The correct information is as follows:

    dRMR Finance Network LLC entered into a non-transferable and non-assignable contractual relationship with PhoneOps Management Inc. (“PhoneOps”). This relationship was specifically induced by PhoneOps and was based on PhoneOps’ written declaration that PhoneOps was investing “its own money” for “its own projects”. dRMR Finance Network LLC, per the exact language of its agreement with PhoneOps, has NEVER guaranteed any monetary amount to PhoneOps. dRMR Finance Network LLC has honored its agreement and responsibility to PhoneOps. dRMR Finance Network, LLC has disclosed all information regarding several financial transactions, and has arranged for PhoneOps to participate in several transactions that were selected, approved and authorized by PhoneOps. PhoneOps provided prior written authorizations and/or consents for every transaction.

    dRMR Finance Network LLC is not responsible for any statements or actions of PhoneOps. dRMR Finance Network LLC has complied with all terms of its agreements with PhoneOps. dRMR Finance Network LLC has no contractual relationship or duty of any sort to any of the parties making the false, defamatory and libelous statements contained within this internet message board forum and will take all action necessary to protect and preserve its good name and the reputation of its company. Similarly, the law firm of Greenberg & Hoeschen LLC acted ONLY as an escrow agent and attorneys for dRMR Finance Network, LLC for this endeavor. It has executed and performed the duties of escrow agent only at the prior express written direction of PhoneOps, and will take all actions necessary to protect and preserve its good name and reputation.

    The parties responsible for the posting of the false accusations of “scamming” and/or alleged illegal conduct on the part of dRMR Finance Network LLC, Joshua Schultz, Greenberg & Hoeschen LLC, Attorney Martin Greenberg and Attorney Navdeep Singh are hereby notified that they must publicly retract these statements immediately on this internet message board forum and any other publication means utilized by them directly or indirectly, or face inclusion in a lawsuit for defamation seeking both compensatory and punitive damages.

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