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    Big Profits Inv Scam

    New Company Called Bigprofitsinv,invest min $99 after 48hrs get 500% Back ! Definatly a Scam,i tried it, put in $115,Guess what Happened ! Yes Nothing. Not been able to contact them since.Any Body else had dealings with this company....

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    Re: Big Profits Inv Scam

    Guess what? You are not the brightest one in a bunch. Try something that does not look too good to be true.

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    Re: Big Profits Inv Scam


    looks like that?

    OrgName: ThePlanet.com Internet Services, Inc.
    OrgID: TPCM
    Address: 315 Capitol
    Address: Suite 205
    City: Houston
    StateProv: TX
    PostalCode: 77002
    Country: US

    RAbuseHandle: ABUSE271-ARIN
    RAbuseName: The Planet Abuse
    RAbusePhone: +1-281-714-3560
    RAbuseEmail: abuse@theplanet.com
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    Re: Big Profits Inv Scam

    I Joined this company thinking HE WHO DARES WINS !! No,i was stupid,so this is a Heads Up so may be other people will not do the same..

    Live every day as if its your Last,and one Day You Wil be Right!
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    Re: Big Profits Inv Scam

    Well Just to update you about this company,there account has now been suspended and there website does not load.:yelcutelaughA:

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