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    Idea to Fix the US Education System SCAM

    For reference I know its dated but lets use the last date as the average per US student per year ,of 180 days, K-12 as to the costs to educate each child to young person.


    Now I crunched the numbers and figure 7 hours for an average length of a school day minus one hour for lunch and breaks making that 6 hours.


    This makes it cost per $8.70 per student per hour in a class of ,being low end 20, that is $174 per hour!

    Now it seems to me alot of money. Now my idea is to have a simple tax credit like the Earned Income Tax Credit per school age child from 5 to 18 an amount say $6500 added to the regular deduction per child. This will be an Education Credit and then simply demand that the parents (parent) or guardian educate each child treating it as neglect if they don't and then shut down the entire public school system. With that money the free market will offer many options I'm sure and parents would have any choice they choose to educate the child. Homeschooling, unschooling, private schools, chip in with parents to hire a teacher, learning centers of all sorts and various options not listed.

    And since its not a voucher it would be Constitutional to use for any sort of education secular or religious.

    If a parent fails to educate the child in a "meaningful way" setting some basic demands at the state level then it would be child neglect, just like not feeding a child properly. I might suggest a test at age 15 that would test a child to be comparable to 8th grade skills in literacy, math and other areas. The basic knowledge level for the vast majority of jobs out there. ACT and SAT tests and the like can be used for those seeking to go to college or university level studies.

    What do you think?

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    Re: Idea to Fix the US Education System SCAM

    Interesting idea.

    But what would they educate there child in? I've met home schooled and secular school kids and adults before. It's frankly not all it's cracked up to be.

    Also the idea while interesting relies on the fact that parents will spend $6500 to educate there kid vs a vacation or more likely for some families food. So they are just as well if not more likely to cheap out giving the kid substandard education.

    While yes that's the parents fault. It is certainly not the kids fault and they are the ones that will suffer.

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    Re: Idea to Fix the US Education System SCAM

    That is why there would have to be some basic testing so the child at say age 14 or 15 would be able to read/write and perform mathematics at the 8th grade level. The standards most courts have concluded is a child must be literate to participate in civics and not be a burden on the government when an adult. That would suffice.

    Parents could homeschool, unschool, send the child to a private school, chip in to hire a teacher (micro-school) or teach the child the basics and a trade if a parent has a trade to pass on.

    And remember this would be mandating the parent educate the child age 5-18 at a sufficient basic level or they could be found neglecting a child. Just like if a parent doesn't feed their child or provide a safe home so there would be some pressure to use the money for education. But its the parents duty in the end if they go cheap on this well that is their choice as long as they meet the legal testing demands.

    An example lets say a parent is a farmer, and besides the basic education teaches his child to be a professional farmer its going to end up making said child productive as an adult. So would meet all the legal demands most likely.

    But I will point out that the free market is bound to accomodate needs of education given a demand to and would likely be very innovative.

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