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    LA Fitness (UK) One Pound Scam

    In the UK LA fitness is a UK wide wide gym. It's not a bad gym, probably a middle quartile standard gym, it's ok but far from brilliant.

    Monthly fees are in the region of 60 pounds. But it seems that that's not enough for them, so they have embarked upon a fairly dubious practice to boost profits...

    I am a member of their London Wall gym. As part of the usage conditions of the gym, I am entitled to a clean towel each time that I visit the gym.

    In 2009, in contravention to their own terms and conditions, they introduced a one pound fee per towel borrowed. The one pound was refunded upon departure when you handed in your used towel. So it was simply a deposit for the safe return of the towel.

    This measure was introduced to stem the theft of towels that they were experiencing. That sounds reasonable I think.

    In December 2009 I was leaving the gym, I handed in my towel and put my hand out for the return of my one pound, but was advised that they had run out of one pound pieces. That I could collect it next time that I visited the gym.

    Apparently they told everyone this, so LA Fitness have collected a lot of pound coins from punters like myself.

    Enter 2010. The theft of towels has been arrested by the measures introduced in 2009 (the one
    pound per towel game) and they are no longer requiring a one pound deposit per towel. BUT LA Fitness are refusing to return the money to their members.

    The refusal of LA Fitness to return all the money is "in case they decide to re-introduce the measure". But - get this - "you can have a bottle of water in place of the one pound!"

    So LA Fitness are refusing to return the money but are prepared to give you a bottle of water instead. Let's look at the maths:

    Bottle of water costs about 20 pence wholesale which they retail it for 1.00 pound. So they give you a bottle of water that costs 20 pence and make a profit of 80 pence.

    Spread that across just 1,000 members and that's a tidy profit of 800 pounds!

    LA Fitness is huge in the UK - the 3rd largest gym network across the UK and they have 220,000 members. Now if they try this wheeze across the UK (maybe they have - anyone know?) then that's a very nice addition to the bottom line isn't it !?

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    Re: LA Fitness (UK) One Pound Scam

    They will fold in less than three years. If you join, do a month-to-month. If they go under, you will never see your annual fee reimbursed.

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