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    Whispering wind Guest

    Peak performance diet and exercise shedule for big boys

    Wake up

    Wheat germ and yeast with orange juice drink

    The do a steve reeves workout


    Giant bowl of hulk flakes with super non fat goats milk.

    1 glass of Elvin magic mass potion

    Richie Simmins suma dupa aerobics routine for fatso's


    Big Glass of Ultra high tech fat stripping muscle ripping spartan powder

    Main workout

    ARNIE SWHARCHENEGGERS Muscle heads workout for dumb****s

    1 x 1 ml injection of Anti blubba syrim

    85 raisens

    45 nuts

    2 glasses of 'night time musle magic

    and six grams of dwarven war battle dik cheess

    Karates 'workout for hero's' !!

    6 glass's of mega thick skim milk

    5 mins reading of your book 'how to be like me.

    bed time 7.30


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    Re: Peak performance diet and exercise shedule for big boys

    awesome I think its working!!!!!

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    Re: Peak performance diet and exercise shedule for big boys

    That's "strong medicine" indeed.

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