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    Corruption of physicians by Big Pharma

    This is still too much. $5,000 a day? Get real. That's more than just a drop in the bucket and is no guarantee that the doctor is going to do anything except lean towards increasing the pharmacuetical's $$$.

    It's a step in the right direction, just not a big enough step.

    Corruption of physicians by Big Pharma now "limited" to $500 an hour

    Congressional investigation over the unethical relationships between doctors and drug companies has led to a change in policy at Partners HealthCare, a Boston based hospital system affiliated with Harvard Medical School, that prohibits its physicians who sit on the boards of various biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies from receiving company stock and unlimited fees for their presence. They are now limited to only $500 an hour, or $5,000 a day, for their services which include things like attending board meetings.

    The fact that about 25 vice presidents, clinical department heads, and other top executives in the system will be affected by this new rule illustrates the degree to which the medical system has been influenced by pharmaceutical interests. Physicians from top medical centers, including academic ones, often join the ranks of drug companies and are paid top dollar to push various drugs and treatments. They are even paid with company stock.

    This blatant conflict of interest is not isolated to Partners, as many different organizations and academic institutions have come under fire by state regulators, Congress, and even hospitals themselves for allowing this practice to occur. Nationally, there has been a heavy push to stop the drug industry's control over doctors whether it be through perks, incentives or comfortable board positions.

    The new policy at Partners prohibits doctors from touring the nation as paid drug company spokesmen, a practice commonly utilized by drug companies to promote their products. Partners will not, however, ban its physicians from working for drug companies altogether. They will still be allowed to sit on their boards and receive compensation - it will merely be "reduced" to $500 per hour.

    It is virtually impossible for a physician to be both a physician and an executive for a drug company. For the drug company, he will be responsible for helping it achieve financial success, while for the hospital, he will be responsible for objectively treating patients. A physician cannot objectively treat a patient while at the same time be paid to use a company's drugs to treat that patient.

    According to Dr. Dennis Auseillo, chief scientific officer at Partners and cochairman of drug-giant Pfizer's science and technology committee, all drug companies have at least a couple physicians on their boards. After being named a director of Pfizer in 2006 himself, Auseillo has received over $700,000 in company stocks and compensation. He plans to continue working for Pfizer under the new rules.

    Sources for this story include: http://www.boston.com/news/local/ma...


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    Re: Corruption of physicians by Big Pharma

    Doctors should only get paid $60/hr. Unless you are a specialist or a surgeon, that's all your worth.

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    Re: Corruption of physicians by Big Pharma

    Quote Originally Posted by PattyK View Post
    Doctors should only get paid $60/hr. Unless you are a specialist or a surgeon, that's all your worth.
    Good Lord. So someone who works their ass off, spends 10 years in school/training (including residency and internship) and incurs debt for college loans and expenses in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, not to mention what he/she will spend to open a practice, is fully trained and skilled to treat you and possibly save your life, is worth only $60.00 an hour? ROTFL! What planet are you from?

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    Re: Corruption of physicians by Big Pharma

    High-ranking physicians and executives at Partners HealthCare, which includes Massachusetts General and Brigham and Womenís hospitals, can no longer receive stock or unlimited fees for sitting on the boards of biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, under new rules that took effect Friday.

    Partners estimates that the policy affects roughly 25 vice presidents, clinical department heads, and other top executives who are directors for some of the nationís leading drug companies. The rules limit their pay to $500 an hour, or $5,000 for a typical 10-hour day attending a board meeting; the rules ban executives and high-level physicians outright from taking company stock as compensation.'

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    Re: Corruption of physicians by Big Pharma

    Unfortunately the litigious society we now live in contributes heavily to the fees charged... the required insurance before you attempt to practice is enormous. Also 10 years is only a portion of the required study to get to a basic level GP, to become skilled or a specialist add another 5-7 years of study.
    I personally think the fee's are earnt but wish society placed greater emphasis on primary health care options and paid doctors/nurses/health care professionals just as much as specialists to keep people out of hospital(tertiary) via hands on involvement at a community level...it would be more efficient than waiting till someone is so ill they need hospitalisation and a load of expensive interventions to keep them alive.

    Listening everyone?
    dont smoke an eat a balanced diet!!!!!!

    PS. there is also a reason why we use the term that we "practice" medicine however Society expects perfection in practice from we poor humans ...onward and upward
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