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    Re: Did Jesus die a virgin?

    Quote Originally Posted by Yeah Well Fine Then View Post
    But, to me, that reads less like compassion, and more like my saying to you - 'Hey, succumb totally to me, and I will overlook ANYTHING you have done, okay?'. Is that compassion, or a desire for control and submission?

    It doesn't make sense to me that someone who killed and abused a child may be let in to this heaven, as long as they succumb to god, and essentially be his servant, when someone who has lived a good life, and never done such things should be denied, simply because they would not succumb, and had their own mind.


    it could be that as long as you never actually had the thought of committing such acts your good to go!? it does state that jesus came to call the unrighteous to repentence not the righteous!? when christ talks of comitting sin, he says the thought is equal to the deed itself!? now thought can be a funny creature!? it's either you or it isnt!? heaven is also odd as it contains different degrees or levels it seems!?

    as far as serving god and losing your own mind you could speculate that would be a PLUS!? well actually, you CANT speculate that, as your OWN mind wont let you!? it will assume a loss!? it likes itself just the way it is, as you!? or say that god's mind is unlimited!? why do you wish to keep your limited mind!? and maybe you are allowed to do that also!? you just now have the additional powers of a god!? i do recall the statement of a professed believer that went something like.....with god, you can have it all!?: :spin2: :
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    Re: Did Jesus die a virgin?

    Quote Originally Posted by HotParadox View Post
    Ohhhh, that sounds really good. Is it a movie? I thought it was just a play. I'm going to have to hit up Blockbuster and rent it!
    You will love it.

    It is a movie that was adapted from an Oscar Wilde novel.

    Rent it, and we can discuss it's content on the chat section, as I love my films.

    Every Saint has a past, every sinner has a future..

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    Re: Did Jesus die a virgin?

    so did steve get what he wanted out of this thread yet!? did jesus die a virgin!? now there's a STRANGE 'pick up' line!? but in conclusion i had this thought!? god killed jesus so he could send him to hell!? let's see how HOT reacts to that statement!? i'm shooting for topless!? : :
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    Re: Did Jesus die a virgin?

    There are many controversies on this topic. According to a myth, Jesus has a baby girl but what the truth is no one knows. The matter is in a great controversy.

    Another important thing is that God is always superior than human beings. So, we should always keep faith on God and our divine should not less due to a trivial controversy.

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    Re: Did Jesus die a virgin?

    I know it will not say in words but it does not say he was right, "Jesus was a virgin. Coveting and adultery and fornication under the law of Moses drop functions. Jesus Hebrew faith one was an avid student and teacher of Talmud and understood it perfectly practiced according to the Bible. Jesus is the only 100% man, but he also 100% God (who, not a typo mathematics) and the Bible teaches that, like, he was without sin. If he is 100% God, it's a Christian to put 2 +2 together and answers that come with the 100% pure be reasonable.

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