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    Legitimate P/T Work from Home Position

    I am honestly looking for a legitimate typing or some type of computer job I can work from home, part-time.

    Does anyone know of any real websites that can offer this, or any advice as to how to "market" myself and the skills I have? Someone out there MUST need something transcribed or typed? I kind of thought about colleges, but not sure how to go about it.

    P.S. There's another scam going around out there regarding driving someone's family members around for $20/hour.

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    Re: Legitimate P/T Work from Home Position

    Here are some of the companies that hire for typing jobs:

    Axion Data Entry http://www.axiondata.com/
    Keyforcash http://www.keyforcash.com/?ReturnUrl...pg_signup.aspx
    Lakin http://www.laykin.com/jobs/jobs.htm
    Net Transcripts http://www.nettranscripts.com/
    Working Solutions http://www.workingsol.com/home.htm

    You could also look into transcription jobs. There are lots of websites that post jobs daily. I know workathomespace.com does a great job finding work at home jobs.

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    Re: Legitimate P/T Work from Home Position

    In this competitive business world, no one can afford time so outsourcing data entry service becomes the most favorite term.

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    Re: Legitimate P/T Work from Home Position

    I am also preparing now a portfolio challenge https://go.oneglobus.com/challenge to start working from home. Customer projects in various specialties. My friend has been working like this for a long time, already has his regular customers and a decent income. It takes about one year to reach this level. the main thing is to get a good reputation and customers themselves will, over time, recommend you to their partners and clients.

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