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    Right size smoothie scam

    I'm sure many have heard of this on the radio. Here is what happens they tell you try it for free, and retun any unused material if you don't want to be billed the $118 / month for the stuff. So you cancel it. They told us they would pay for shipping... lie it cost $18 to ship back... they said well you got $118 of product for shipping, it was a high protien shake mix, nothing more.

    Here is the kicker. They take your credit card and sign you up for 2 other companies which will bill you monthly $14 each and charge $25 for a sign up you did not authorize.

    If you ordered this. CHECK your credit cards. They are stealing money from you at least 2 times a month and hoping you won't notice.

    They are Liars and thieves be aware.

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    Re: Right size smoothie scam

    Called within the 30 day period to get a return authorization. Customer service rep would not give me a return authorization number, instead encouraged me to wait until Sept 23rd to call so I could have the "full 30 days." Called on September the 22nd to get authorization and was told my 30 day trial period ended on the 21st and I would now be charged the full price ($119). On top of this, right size smoothie "signed me up" for two services which bill you $24.95 a month after your free trial period of 30 days - problem is, the letters for these "services" don't arrive within the 30 days, so there is no way to cancel them.

    "Free trial" companies make their money betting people aren't vigilant. Don't do business with a company that won't accept returns - they will rip you off every single time. Wish I would have listened to the voice in my head telling me not to call for this "free trial." Learn from my mistake - get your smoothie mix at the gym or grocery store and avoid my headache.

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