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    New twist on "Correspondence Assistant"?

    Hi all,
    I'm new here; I've been trying to register for days but the site doesn't seem to like my regular email address...I responded to an ad for Correspondence Assistant, THEN thought to check it out on this site. The job is supposed to consist of receiving and fowarding packages; I found that it must be related to the money forwarding scheme because of the similarity in the ads and the m.o. The ad link took me to idelivery.org. The Whois directory traces it to Russia. I got a response from jameswalton@interstatedelivery.biz asking me to download, sign and fax the agreement found at http://www.interstatedelivery.biz/agreement2.doc. I didn't.
    I thought I'd let others know to look out for these names, too! Is there some law enforcement agency, or the FCC or someone that should be notified about scams like this?
    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: New twist on "Correspondence Assistant"?

    I have just learned of idelivery inc by getting a cc charge back at work. There is someone placing ads for Idelivery using stolen cc information. These people are really good at hiding. I have some info that the registered owner of the web site is in Russia and I spoke with the Police Dept in Kent Ohio and the address that they give on their website does not exist. I would really like to see these people run off.
    The truth shall set you free... or at least get you out of hot water from time to time. I just don't recomend it too often :)

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