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    Re: More uranium found in Iran... Possibly weapons grade!

    Quote Originally Posted by dchristie
    I have no problem with the Palestinian Freedom Fighter's tactics. I would venture to say many American Patriots would embrace those tactics against such an aggressor under similar circumstances. Nothing new here.

    Would you please never again speak for American Patriots? As you have no idea what it would mean to be a patriot, you have no business speaking on the subject. You're only role would be as a benefactor, never as a willing participant.
    A giant mushroom cloud, 24 empty missile tubes... It's Miller Time!

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    Re: More uranium found in Iran... Possibly weapons grade!

    Quote Originally Posted by USNavySubSailor

    Would you please never again speak for American Patriots? As you have no idea what it would mean to be a patriot, you have no business speaking on the subject. You're only role would be as a benefactor, never as a willing participant.

    Ha..ha..ha.. Why don't you just go back to bed and stop pestering the grown-ups. And take a third grade spelling primer with you while you're at it, moron. BTW ..Your boyfriend is calling for you. The only kind of patriotism you're familiar with is when you plant your flagpole in him.

    Quote Originally Posted by usnavysubsailor
    I would sign a gay marriage rights petition to get it on the ballot.
    "My Name's SubSailor. Wanna Be Swift Boated?"
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    Re: More uranium found in Iran... Possibly weapons grade!

    I'm currently producing a documentary film with a retired career Marine Corp Colonel who served for Special Forces and worked at the Pentagon for many years.

    He's reflected many times over the type of "semi-conscience vermin" they're recruiting into the service these days so they can provide the military with a steady flow of cannon fodder for The Flying Monkey's dirty little war crime in Iraq-Nam.

    In fact, The Bush Crime Gang commonly offers citizenship to aliens (illegal and otherwise) and felons in exchange for going to Iraq-Nam and becoming an accessory to Bush's war-crimes and spilling their blood for Halliburton.

    He did two tours of duty in VietNam and was highly decorated. He reflects often on the lamentable inability of the average American lemming to learn from their own history as demonstrated by our current sorry situation and the commentary here of clueless thugs and pro-war loonies like SubSailor and Grim.

    So, is it any wonder we are in so much trouble when you consider their "mentality" and realize that these Monkey's are still statistically representative of, perhaps, as much as 35% of the American public?

    He's currently looking for a chalet in France.
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