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    Has anyone heard of this company and tried it before? I got a call from them today and they wanted to show me how to make thousands!!! like you already may have heard in other internet based businesses. THey say there is a 1 time fee of $199 for 1 of the 3 big companies they are working for. (Ebay, Amazon, and Goldentiger Casino) I was very skeptical at first, but saw that they are under the BBB. The salesperson was very rude and made some comments that weren't targeted at me, but i felt attacked. Before invest a few hundred with this company, i want to hear from other on what they think or have heard of them. THank you. :)

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    Re: Assuranceplus.net

    Ask yourself this - If you knew how to make thousands of dollars - would you spread the secret around? It you are one of the people who decide to help everyone they can to become rich - why would you need to charge $200 for it? It doesn't add up. Either they can make thousands - in which case they shouldn't need to charge you, or they can't make thousands, in which case you know WHY they are charging you.

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    Re: Assuranceplus.net

    RUN the other way. Read this: http://ask.metafilter.com/mefi/28632


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