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    Is www.msicourse.com a scam?

    I tried researching it but couldn't find anything on ripoffreport either. I got the link from this site
    www.ivanblogsecrets.com. I was about to buy it but thought I come here first.

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    Re: Is www.msicourse.com a scam?

    he says he is going to make $100k a year by telling you to get a blog like his where you can tell people you are going to make $100k a year, i think. i guess you are going to pay him to tell you.

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    Re: Is www.msicourse.com a scam?

    Its Robert G Allen. Real Estate "expert" turned Internet Marketing "expert" - this guy has managed to get complained about in just about every corner of the Internet.

    If you want to learn a little more about Robert G Allen, type his name into YouTube.

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    Re: Is www.msicourse.com a scam?

    I don't like their 'Privacy Policy' as it seems less a privacy policy and more a spam policy.

    Under the 'Privacy Policy' it says:
    Your use of this site following any changes means that you accept those changes.
    And no mention if/how they will alert you to those changes.

    Farther down the 'Privacy Policy' under 'Use of Individual Information', section 2.1:
    The company may use Individual Information to provide promotional offers to individuals by means of email advertising, text/short message services, telephone marketing, direct mail marketing, online banner advertising, and package stuffers, among other possible uses.
    section 2.2:
    The Company may use third party partners or affiliates to send commercial messages on its behalf.
    section 2.3:
    The Company uses Individual Information to advertise, directly or indirectly, to individuals using direct mail marketing or telemarketing using telephones and cell phones.
    section 3.1:
    section 3.2:
    The Company may also use a third party network provider to target advertisements to you for products and services you might be interested in.
    section 3.3:
    The Company may also disclose or exchange Individual Information with other companies for fraud protection and credit risk reduction.
    6 times I found that they and others will spam you.

    Under 'Terms and Conditions':
    In order to grant the Customer this money-back guarantee, Robert Allen Media requires that proof be provided in written form and reserves the rights to review said written proof and grant or deny the refund request based on it's review of written proof at their discretion.
    So, you get to write an essay saying how you followed their instructions and still failed to make money and then hope they will give you your money back. I just wonder how many times they do accept the essay and give the money back?

    Another thing to remember, credit cards only do chargebacks for physical goods not e-books, instructions, manuals, mentoring or advice.
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    Re: Is www.msicourse.com a scam?

    I was sent a random email from Robert Allen. I have no idea how he got hold of my email. I assume he bought a mass list from somewhere. Anyway, in this email, he is promoting a product of his called Multiple Streams of Income which is a bunch of ebooks providing information on how to invest and grow your own personal wealth.

    Upon visiting his site https://www.msicourse.com and reading the well structured sales page, I decided to take up a $1 trial for 7 days. As the buying process goes on, there is the typical upgrade offer of buying the full package for $10 less than the retail of $39.95. I just wanted the trial at the time. But in the confusion of the upsell page and wanting to reject the upsell, I got caught out accepting the full price discounted package at $29.95 and it immediately got charged to my card.

    It took a few days to review the whole package and I realised that it would be of no use to me and isn't the sort of thing that I am interested in. Plus me being in another country, the information provided is primarily for U.S. residents. My country's laws won't let me benefit from any of the information I read.

    I must note that this program has a 365 day money back guarantee. But to honor their guarantee, they say that you must provide full details and evidence of everything you have done over the course of a year to show that his methods didn't work for you. That is a massive task for anyone but he lists his guarantee big and bright on the sales page but you have to read the terms and conditions and understand the lengths you have to go to, to get your small original payment back.

    I decided to cancel my trial and receive the refund of $29.95 which was deceivingly charged to me. Robert says to cancel the trial, I must ring their number between 9am and 6pm Monday to Friday and speak to a consultant personally. As I am in a completely different time zone, I could not make the call due to my own commitments and the fact that they don't operate on weekends.

    I then notice that as soon as the 7 day trial was up, I was charged an extra $38.95 for the original whole price minus the $1 trial. So that is 3 seperate charges of $1, $29.95, and $38.95 unlawfully charged to me. I became quite upset with this and wrote a polite email to their customer service explaining the situation and requesting a full refund of the $29.95 and the $38.95. I didn't want the $1 as that was a fair charge for me to trial the product.

    After 4 business days, my email went unanswered and ignored. I did not receive a refund.

    Therefore, this can only conclude that this guy Robert Allen and his mob are a pack of greedy money sniping cheats. This guy is a scam artist.

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