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    Quickly speed up and stop scam

    This morning I was in a car "accident". I was at a diner and backing out of my parking spot. I coast back, just because that is the way I learnt. A car of 7 young women zoomed in behind me and stopped. I was more than half-way out of my parking spot and this did not give me time to stop before bumping into them and causing a good 8" wide dent in their wheel well. I was in the end of the parking lot, there was no parking past me and she claims she was trying to park. I wish I could post a diagram... if only I had one. Another car of girls pulled up and started saying "I saw it all, I can't believe those people hit you!" Then the girls from both cars all stood around talking for the 45 minutes that it took the police to get there. They were friends. They started joking and giggling and talking about how "stupid" my husband, children and I were. The police get there and instantly say I am at blame and doesn't even care to hear what I have to say. I asked him how to contest who was at fault and he told me to talk to a supervisor (which I am Monday). To top it all off, another officer arrives... goes to BS with the first officer then walks over and starts hugging on the girls we bumped into. While we are waiting (1 hour) for the officer to write up the report the 2nd officer seriously is completely personal and unprofessional with this girl. I did write down the officer's car numbers. Any advice on what to do here? How can I handle this without seeming to be a complete idiot to the supervisor?

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    Re: Quickly speed up and stop scam

    the supervisor isn't going to do anything for you. you can't back into anything even if it wasn't there when you started backing. when something suddenly appears behind you, you brake, stop. your insurance company or you will have to pay whatever $$$ to get it fixed. all that other about the cop and the girl have nothing to do with you or your accident.

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    Re: Quickly speed up and stop scam

    Mumbles is pretty much right, but, go ahead and tell your agent the whole story, every bit. Go ahead and call the police supervisor too, won't hurt anything. In the future, if your cell phone has a camera, take LOTS of pictures of everything you can. Insurance fraud is a big deal and if the other driver has any sort of history of this kind of thing, it will be looked into. Good luck and sorry to hear about your troubles.

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