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    vendingplacement.com IS a SCAM

    www.vendingplacement.com actual company name is Advance Placement Services. I hired them to locate for me a site to install a WIFI kiosk. The fee was 800.00 but it was negotiated that I pay 400.00 upfront and the rest upon placement. There locator guy called and we discussed the particulars. A week went by and when I talked to the locator Advance Placement Services was not doing business with him any more because they try to rip him off. I emailed them that I want a refund and no reply. I called them and a customer support guy answered and I asked for a refund. He gave me over to a guy named Stephen Baird. He said that it was not their fault that the people THEY hire do not do the job right. he said that they would charge a stocking fee and a 15% cancellation fee. A stcocking fee? What are they stockign exactly plus it is not in the contract. What a bunch of crap and a scam artist. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS PEOPLE!! :mad:

    here is the contract


    Note: Unless specified otherwise the term “location” refers to the original secured locations and pertains to the leasing of space only. Warranty coverage starts on the date purchaser signs accepting the locations. After 90 days of actual operation on location, should purchaser desire a new location for any reason (revenue, business owner requests removal of machine, etc.), one replacement location for each original location will be provided by ADVANCE PLACEMENT SERVICES, INC., at ˝ price to purchaser providing that purchaser has complied with the following terms:

    Purchaser agrees to tour locations preceding payment “Balance Amount” to the locator.
    If purchaser elects not to tour the locations, purchaser must accept the locations as presented.
    Delivery and setup of machines or equipment must be made in a timely manner and in accordance with each location agreement.
    Machines or equipment must be kept in good working order with products rotated as necessary.
    Warranty coverage does not include locations with inoperative equipment.
    Payment for all services has been completed.
    Any replacements outside of warranty may be purchased at ˝ of the cost per location.
    ************************************************** ************************************************** **********

    Advance Placement Services, Inc. is an independent locating agency with the specific purpose of securing locations for the placement of vending machines, racks, displays, and other equipment, and is directly employed by the above purchaser. All locations secured for the purchaser are the property of the purchaser. The purchaser is not guaranteed minimum or maximum earnings at any location. There will be a charge of 15%of the total contract price for cancellation at the customer’s election. This contract is performable in Cook County, Illinois. Payment is due under this agreement in Cook County, Illinois at the address set forth above. Jurisdiction and venue of any dispute between the parties shall be in Cook County, Illinois.

    I understand the 15% cancellation fee but does anyone see a stocking fee anywhere? These guys are a piece of work and I have an MBA/Global Management as well and I have been had. Fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me.

    DO the research before contracting anyone and never pay before the job is done which is common sense.

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    Re: vendingplacement.com IS a SCAM

    Advance Placement is NOT a scam!

    This company has located my vending machines for years without a problem.

    Before choosing Advance Placement I did extensive research and found this company to have the best credentials.

    Please see their Better Business Bureau A+ rating for yourself at:


    Also, being a business owner I am fully aware of a competitor"s ability to come here and destroy the competition with one simple bogus complaint. There is always 2 sides to every story.

    If anyone would like to contact me about my experience with this company, email me at: