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    Ulimate Cash Storm-Anyone Know Anything About This

    Just ran across this and needing to know if anyone else has?

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    Re: Ulimate Cash Storm-Anyone Know Anything About

    Well I haven't seen that particular internet pyramid scheme before but after you see enough of them they're fairly easy to recognize. You make money by recruiting new people to the program and for them to make money they need to recruit more people, and so on. And that's the problem.

    First this sort of program is illegal in the USA and most other countries. But don't worry too much about the feds kicking your door down for being a member, that very rarely happens. But for some people knowing something is a crime is enough reason not to do it.

    Why should it be illegal? Well quite simply "programs" like this one do nothing to generate real income they just move money from one member to another in a closed system. For anyone to be payed out more money than they put in, someone (or many someones) needs to pay in more than they get out. Each and every program like this has come to an end and when they do the majority of people who joined will lose money. But the people who started it and a few unscrupulous early promoters can and do make enough money that in a few months, after Ultimate Cash Storm collapses, they'll start a new program just like it and sucker more easy money out of more people.

    Don't believe me? You don't have to, I can prove that last point. Ultimatecashstorm.com's IP address is and if we check what other sites share the same IP addy, name servers and "A records" we find:

    Now at the bottom of the Ultimate Cash Storm "purchase agreement" page you find:

    OnTarget Web Marketing, LLC
    5700 Granite Pkwy Suite 200
    Plano, TX 75024
    ontargetwebtraffic.com and ultimatecashstorm.com use Domains by Proxy to hide their owners names but I think it's safe to say that ontargetwebtraffic.com is owned by OnTarget Web Marketing, LLC (who don't appear to be a registered buisness in Texas btw). I bring this up to point out epicwealthcreator.com.

    What's Epic Wealth Creator? Why it's Ultimate Cash Storm 2009. It's the same deal, UCS is a 3 x 9 matrix, EWC was a 5 x 7 matrix but that's about it. Look at the names and pictures used as endorsements from satisfied customers, they're the same people. The real difference is that the UCS website was created on December 17 of 2009 where Epic Wealth was created on July 9th of last year. At this rate they should be registering a new website with a new name for the same old scam in a few months.

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