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    Stock Signal Pro

    Has anyone used or heard anything (good or bad) about Stock Signal Pro? From what I have gathered about this software program, it largely uses technical indicators, have 5 watchlist that can hold up to 100 stock tickers each, it gathers free end-of the day info and provides you with what the software thinks will be a good buy. It also provides buy/sell entry/exit points and risk percentages. I know I can do this myself by looking at free information from finance.yahoo.com, use yahoo's stock screener and learn the various technical indicators which I have but there's no way I can look at 500 stocks everyday by myself. Basically, I would want this software only to find potential stocks (eliminating research time) and I know I will have to do more homework thereafter such as recent news and fundamentals.

    So has anyone ever tried Stock Signal Pro?


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    Re: Stock Signal Pro

    I've never tried it, but it seems legitimate - at least, you most likely will receive an actually functioning program, but whether it's profitable or not, is hard to say. There are programs/systems out there that actually make money, but there's no way to tell in advance whether this is one of them. If you buy it, make sure you read the details of its money-back guarantee. If the company is located in the U.S., they will have to honor their guarantee, so even though it's not risk-free, for you it's pretty low risk.

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    Re: Stock Signal Pro

    I will be purchasing stock signal pro at the official sellers website: www.Stock-Signal-Pro.net ... sometime tomarrow December 15th, 2006. Once I have systematically traded with this software, by using the scientific method, I will post my results here on a periodic basis.

    I expect the periodic postings to occure at least once every three days.

    To make this as accurate as possible I will be using $1,000.00 USD as a beginning balance on the first trading day to not only keep it simple but to also make gaines and losses easy to identify.

    I will not be purchasing stocks through the softwares guidance at this juncture. I will stick to buying/selling OPTION calls and puts - thus restricting potential loss to the starting balance and to see if this is truely a swing trading software package.

    I look forward to posting the first weeks results next friday. happy trading.

    This venture should prove a good learning experiance for me since I am naturally sceptical of any software out there floating around and DISAPPROVE of the use of ANY "investment system" as the scammers call them. I have also been searching high and low for a software that actually does what it says it can do.... therefore, lets all see how good this so called software really is!

    ALSO NOTE: What I do know thus far; This software is NOT an investment advisor service and no other fees are collected once the software is purchased. With that said.... please be smart and BEWARE of ANY investment stratagy service until it is proven to work using raw NON BIAS scientific data and tactfull statistical analysis.


    P.S. you can also find me at www.predictwallstreet.com under the username of PittBull to see my raw stock analysis stats for particular stocks NOT using any software or other tools except the internet free tools available on yahoo, cnbc, msn, and etrade.
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    Re: Stock Signal Pro

    So far, not so bad. I just executed the purchase of Stock Signal Pro at a price of $279.00 , immediatly was offered to download the software package and given a free copy through thier holiday buy one get one free holiday special.

    The layout of the tools within the software pack seem simple enough and I will dive in later in the A.M. to acclimate myself to the software. Once acclimated I will post again.


    As Krammer would say: Booouuuyyyyaaaaa!


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    Re: Stock Signal Pro

    they may not like you repeatedly posting about their system on a scam board if it is not a scam.

    Just a thought. Maybe you could post on a traders board or something.

    Unless it is a scam, in which case you are on the right place.

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    Re: Stock Signal Pro

    I had this software. To be honest, it did pick some winners. But there were more lost than won. you cant only just simply follow the picks. If it is really that easy, those agent in wallstreet would lose their jobs. Stock investment is not easy.

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    Re: Stock Signal Pro

    Well, after downloading the software and playing with it a bit I have decided stock trader pro holds true to what it says it does... It is a a TOOL and that is all it is. One cannot rely on "if one is so inclined" a program to dictate ones monetary gain. If you use the software properly and use it as a guide not as an end to be all, it can bring positive results to the table.

    Final Note: I will be adding this software to my arsenal of tools which I currently use to pridict stocks - ultimatly for trading options on short term trades ( 1 to 3 week trades) ...

    Also, Since there are so many scams out there I will also be creating a FREE investing community or COLLECTIVE which like minded individuals can share ideas and picks without bias to a specific trading system.

    Keep your eyes pealed for the web address which I will be posting in the traders board for everyone.

    Thanks and happy trading.

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    Re: Stock Signal Pro

    Question about the program. Do you have to provide your own list of stocks or does the program find trading candidates? Thanks, Remie

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