Scam Patrol just recently was informed by an AICG insider of a new franchise scheme being peddled by American Fugitives Sam & Linda Arnold both in the U.S., China, and Europe. After their fraudulent loan scheme in Beijing was publicly exposed, they obtained new phones numbers and an executive suite and are now offering to sell turn-key schools to teach Chinese in the U.S. and to teach English in China to anyone willing to shell out 1.5 million rmb (roughly $500,000USD)

The phony school franchise is called ATHENAS HIGHER LEARNING CENTER which in Beijing was established nine months ago to primarily launder money for corrupt Chinese military officers. In Beijing, the "school" is a one room operation approximately 15 by 30 feet that seats twelve students who for $3,000 are told they will get jobs in the U.S. once they can demonstrate they can speak and read English. In reality the school is not certified nor accredited and nobody bothers to tell the students that neither AICG nor Athena can obtain the required visa nor sponsorship of a U.S. company that they require by law to go to the U.S. The phony school is located at the SuYuan Office Center of the Beijing Friendship Hotel in suite 61633.

The new scam is being peddled by the Arnold's other front company "Investments in China" at the below web site:

For those not familiar with the Arnold Gang, they are wanted fugitives in the U.S. for over five years for a multitude of frauds including consumer, credit card, mortgage, bank, and securities fraud. Sam Arnold has been arrested four times for DUI, Fraud, Assault, and Identity Theft & Forgery. He has pled guilty to six felony charges in the U.S. and after serving one year in prison was sent to drug rehab from which he went AWOL - and straight to China where he has operated five different fraud schemes including the infamous American Independent Capital Group (AICG). Please see our previous reports on AICG. and the below links:

The above link pretty much puts and end to the "No law suit" defense Arnold's friend try to use on previous posts. This guy is wanted in three states and by the feds. What else makes a 52 year old man with six kids pack up and move to China? Did he go there to watch the Olympics or escape the long arm of American lawmen? Also, the below links are beyond dispute.

Arnold's new base of operations appears to have been relocated to the below address:

Room A15, 15th Floor
Wang Jing Tower
Beijing 100102
Tel: +86 (0)10 6472 8868
Fax: +86 (0)10 5885 7130

This is the third "relocation" in two years and to date the Arnolds have utilized thirty three different telephone numbers and are now even using Skype and Magic Jack numbers to appear as if they are calling from U.S. offices in Beijing, Beverly Hills and elsewhere.

Over the last month the Arnolds have issued over a dozen bogus news releases designed to give false credibility to their schemes and only last week, a team of Interpol investigators arrived in Beijing to collect sworn statements from Chinese victims.

The Arnolds have a 16 year history of running sophisticated frauds in California, Nevada, New York, Texas, and Nevada. At present there are three outstanding arrest warrants for him in the U.S. By marrying a Chinese national he is protected from extradition. After his personal residence was identified in our previous report, we have received information that he vacated the property and is now living under an alias name "Sam Martin" not far from the Wan Jing Tower office location.

Our inside source at AICG also informs us that Arnold has recruited his two young sons in California and brother Norman in Peru to become "sales agents" for the new franchises. MOre information will be posted as it is received.

Arnold has been using forged bank statements to show the past "sucess" of Athena's Higher Learning Center and has been using paid schills as references who giving glowing reports about the Arnolds and their companies. Together with the phony news releases, his frauds appear to be quite believable - on the surface. We have notified the FBI, Interpol, and Scotland Yard about this new scheme and were advised that an investigation would be launched immediately.

In the interim, we have issued a GLOBAL FRAUD ALERT and advise anyone contacted by Sam or Linda Arnold, John Vickers, or any broker from AICG, Athenas Higher Learning Center, or Investments in China, to contact the FBI and/or Interpol and DO NOT PAY ANY MONEYS OR SIGN ANY CONTRACTS no matter what you are told.