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    SafeGuard Global Security Scam

    Beware Of SafeGuard Global

    SafeGuard Global owner CK Kennedy claims that he has exclusive technology within the Home Security Industry for his SafeGuard Reactor security products. His flag ship product the Reactor PCS-3 Security Scanner System is priced at $575.00. But what we have found out here at MLM Scam Guard is that this product is all over the Internet for a much lower price and is not exclusive to SafeGuard Global at all. The same system is called the Activator II and is identical to the Reactor except instead of getting 1 unit at $575.00 you can get 2 units at Walmart for $129.98.

    Check it out here:

    But it even gets worse then that you can get it on Amazon for $68.01.

    Check it out here:

    The second product that they are selling over at SafeGuard Global is a portable security device called the Reactor Portable Security Scanner and SafeGuard Global charges their distributors a wholesale price of $179.95. Once again this product is all over the Internet and is called SafeGuard Portable Security Alarm and also called Activator RX-7 Infrasonic Portable Security Alarm. Walmart has it for $39.98 and on other sites it is priced anywhere from $19.95 to $30.00. Click on the links below and take a look.



    Also MLM Scam Guard has learned that SafeGuard Global is also bouncing distributor’s checks. We are looking into SafeGuard Global deeper and will continue to keep you posted on scam.com. Beware of this MLM Scam…..

    Investigative Unit

    MLM Scam Guard

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    Re: SafeGuard Global Security Scam

    The sad thing about this posting is someone didn't do their homework. The Activator is a product sold overseas and is not the same technology as the Reactor. They may look similar but are too totally different products. Walmart has pulled all advertising of the product. We currently distribute in Indiana and have no problems with checks from safeguard.

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    Re: SafeGuard Global Security Scam

    SafeGuard Global is a crooked company!

    The co-founder's name is MO, and it's a pitty he was given that name. He obviously thinks everyone else is Larry and Curly...

    Mo, c/o
    Safeguard Global, Inc.
    5701 N Pine Island Road,
    Tamarac, FL 33321
    Gentlemen of the Better Business Bureau,

    My above address is temporary. I need to complain about an amazing company that led me on a wild goose-chase in my efforts to recover the money I invested into it. The company is Safeguard Global, located in Tamarac, Florida. This company produces what is advertised as an amazing patented product and concept, a self-contained alarm system that needs no wires nor sensors. It's very small and is reputed to protect thousands of square feet of living space.
    I bought the device on Christmas Eve of last year, but actually received the unit after the New Year's holiday. A friend of mine urged me to get into the opportunity and offered to help me with providing me contacts to introduce the product to, etc. I was very leary about it even despite its claims, but the last question I asked those who were at the business meeting to sell the product was, what if I am not satisfied with the unit. They all told me unanimously that if I find I am not satisfied within 90 days I would get my money back no questions asked. I actually took out a loan in order to pay $615 dollars for both the unit and the agents plan. The agents plan cost just under $50 dollars, while the unit costed me $574 dollars.
    This was a desperate decision for me, since I had not worked for almost a year at the time. So I took a desperate chance. Immediately I had very little assistance from upline folks. They were very excited at first and very insistent that I sign up, but their enthusiasm left immediately after I bought the device. Yet this is one part about this transaction that I had failed to remember. I bought the unit at a meeting of theirs, but they didn't have any of the units with them. I wanted to get a unit quickly so that I could take advantage of a special opportunity they had for promoting people to the position of National Managers straight from entry-level, a privilege that would end in December of last year. That promotion was called, "The December to Remember." I was only introduced to the device on Christmas Eve. So though I bought or paid for the unit well within time before the December promotion, I was cheated out of the opportunity. Christmas Eve last year was on a Thursday, the company was closed on Friday. I didn't even know where the company was, so I depended upon my upline to deliver it to me, but they dragged their feet and constantly told me about circumstances with the company being closed, etc. One of my upline met me at a New Year's party and was surprised to learn that I had not received my unit as yet. I had completely missed the "December to Remember" opportunity.
    It was already known that I was not good at sales, but I was assured by my upline that they would help me. Eventually this happened, although it took some time. The problem is that my unit malfunctioned. At the time we didn't actually know that it malfunctioned. We just assumed that the sensitivity on the unit was not properly set. But the unit malfunctioned three times in front of all my potential contact that I knew. It was advertised that the device can protect a whole house. The people we were presenting the unit to then especially asked that we demonstrate this. So we prepared the device and electronically armed it in a room. The prospective customer then would ask that we agitate a door or a window in another room to see if the unit would go off. So we had a window in another room beyond a door agitated so that it can trigger the unit to alarm. The unit failed to alarm even though we ourselves heard the window being agitated from where the alarm unit was. Every failure was embarrassing to me and devastating.
    I then decided to take the unit back. It was clear to me that I can't get anywhere with it or using it. I, however, did not tell my sponsor that I was taking it back. I felt that would greatly disappoint him. I therefore then drove 50 miles to the company so I can return the unit and get my money back. I had no idea that I would encounter any kind of trouble. All I heard and knew about this company was that it was very successful and heading for the stars. I attended a number of their meetings where many people had been very successful selling many of their alarm systems. So I just said I'll return the unit and get my money.
    On Monday, February 1, 2010, I drove over to the company with my unit. I was surprised when I saw the company. I thought it would be a big building with a massive sign owned by the company. Instead it was a generic building that didn't have the Safeguard sign on it. The company was just a small part of an office building. I met the receptionist and told her that my unit didn't work properly and that I was returning it to get my money back. She checked the unit and saw it was in new condition and nothing was missing. She was going to replace the unit right then and there, but I told her I'm not in the option for continuing to try to work with the device. I bought it when I was in terrible financial trouble as a desperate way out, but I was unlucky enough to receive a defective unit. I told her I just wanted my money back. She looked in the computer and saw that I bought the unit on Christmas Eve of 2009. She then came back and told me that I arrived at the wrong time to receive a refund check. She therefore told me to return on Friday when they cut checks. That was the beginning of the adventure that led to a tragic outcome.
    I returned on Friday, February 5th. I arrived in the afternoon. I met the receptionist who received the unit from me. I, however, arrived in the early afternoon, so I was told I had to wait till the end of the day when they cut checks. I did that and then another excuse came. The receptionist told me that "Andy" did not get to cutting the checks yet. So she told me to return on Monday.
    So again I had to drive 50 miles on Monday, arriving Monday afternoon on February 8th. She told me again that "Andy" had not gotten to cutting the refund checks yet, but then told me she had warned me on Friday to call first. I had told her everytime I go there I have to drive some 50 miles. She insisted that she told me to call first. She told me that "Andy" wasn't there yet, so she told me to wait. I waited a long time. When I then inquired again, she told me that "Andy" was in a meeting and can't deal with refund checks. Therefore while waiting and watching people come and go. "Andy," though understanding what I was waiting for, passed right by me and ignored my every concern.
    So, again, I had to go home with nothing. Immediately I was aware of the fact that they never have a problem receiving checks or payment. They were much slower when it came to giving refunds.
    So, from that time till the third week, I was calling almost every day and was confronted with one excuse after another--especially about "Andy" being too occupied to be concerned about unsatisfied customers and agents. Then, while talking to my immediate upline, I was shocked by news he was telling me that the company got involved in a terrible debacle where they undercut their agents by selling units to Walmart at ridiculous prices where the public were able to purchase units many times cheaper than what their agents. It was then my question was answered as I wondered why such a promising, prominent and prosperous program can be playing all the games they were playing with me to avoid paying a small pittance out of what they were making. I then had an idea that I wasn't dealing with anything that had any real integrity.
    Then on the 26th of February I called again to find out what is happening with my refund check. The receptionist then gave me some good news. She told me that they're finally processing the refund checks. She, however, then told me that the processing of refund checks usually takes 30 days. I protested about this new information, for that's what was happening. New excuses were constantly being given. It was hard trying to vent off on lowly paid receptionists who stood on the front lines while the responsible parties stand behind closed doors. So I knew I had to call the next business day which was Monday.
    I then called on March 1st, and then I was given slightly different information again. Another woman then answered as I asked about my refund check. She replied to me the good news again that the refund checks were being processed, but then told me it takes "up to 45 days" for them to process. I protested about the runaround and all the new information they were giving me all time.
    The next time I called, the lady told me that "Mo" heard about my case and will call me. I called again another day and I was told that "Mo" will deal with my case personally. I was told that he will call. He didn't.
    It was then in early March that I was able to get a hold of Mo. Mo told me that he had heard of the trouble I was undergoing. He was very nice and then began to offer me benefits if I stayed on and worked as an agent. I don't remember the actual deal that he gave me, but it was outstanding. He then asked me if I would stay on and receive extra benefits or I would like my money back. I explained the situation to him that, with my terrible financial situation, I didn't have the option to stay on. Maybe if I got my money back and more stood on my feet I would return and get a unit that works, but I asked for my money back. He then told me alright and said that he would call me.
    After a while waiting for a return call and none came, I called again, and and a lady asked me whether or not I didn't understand that Mo told me he would personally handle my case. I told her that Mo didn't do that. She promised that Mo will call. He didn't.
    I then finally called Mo the next day and asked him why he didn't call. He insisted that he did, but the people who were here said no one called for me. Still, I wouldn't necessary challenge his claim. It was then that Mo told me I was not getting my money back. He told me that I had the unit FOR MORE THAN 30 DAYS. Again, this wasn't actually true. I received my unit literally more than a week after paying for it. I asked him what he was talking about, and told him that everyone told me that I had a 90 day money back guarantee. He told me that they did not read the fine print. He said it was a 90 day money back guarantee FOR THE UNIT, but not for the agent sales program. So he therefore told me how he was too bound by policy to give me my money back.
    Knowing that I bought the unit for $574 dollars and entered the agent sales program for $49, I then requested the $574 dollars back then, and he then started to speak fast telling me how much money I was entitled to. In the midst of that wordy speech the figure $120 dollars came out as he was telling me that's what I was entitled to. He then shed his nice colors and produced his true colors. I told him that I would have to fight to get my money back and he told me that was just dandy with him. I then told him that I received a receipt proving I had returned the unit and showing the figure I was entitled to and he first told me that the receptionist who provided the receipt was fired, and therefore he doesn't have to pay me back my money, he then asked me to email a copy of that receipt. I refused. If his receptionist was fired for telling me I had a 90 day money back guarantee, why didn't he fire all of even his prominent agents also? I alerted him to the fact that every single agent and upline told me I had 90 days to return the unit to get my money back. He didn't care.
    I then talked with a prominent agent who was reputed to be very successful in sales of the item. He told me plainly that he knew nothing about any 30 day limit. He told me he understood it was 90 days. If so many, even of prominent agents, did not know that the deadline for returning the unit was 30 days instead of 90 days, whose fault was that? The company did not inform them properly, and for so many to be ignorant of this was very telling about the integrity of the company. Mo still would not listen.
    Lo and behold a few days after Mo gave me his ultimatum, what did I see on my table when I came home? I saw a brand new box with a brand new unit slapped upon me by this incredible man and company! So I wasted considerable time and money seeking the money I was entitled to. I was to take a trip to New York City in order to get a job, but that was denied me because of the shenanigans of these people.
    I had just talked to Mo on April 7th and he held his stance. He then had an acute attack of amnesia to our phone conversation where he offered me an option of a great deal to stay on or to get my money back. Just like he can't recall how to run a company with integrity, so he can't remember that conversation. That conversation is on phone records, and I don't know how to procure that information. He repeated that he must follow company policy. And yet he must have done just that why that reported debacle had happened with his company. He said that when I signed that contract, I agreed to the terms. [The reason I signed was because it was at the end of the session and I was very reluctant and the place was about to close. That was coupled with the unanimous assurances from all the reps around me that I had 90 days to return the unit.]
    Why is it so hard for a good company to have integrity? The answer to that question is plainly, IT ISN'T!
    Attached to this email is the scanned image of the receipt I received acknowledging that I returned the unit and how much money of a refund I was entitled to receive. All I wanted from him was my money back. In the meantime I must do everything I can to make sure there are no victims whether of misinformation or anything else that is the fault of that company. I even went on their website and found it hard to get their address and phone number information.

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    Re: SafeGuard Global Security Scam

    I too had a problem at first with my demo of the product. I did not read my paperwork on the reactor and tried to show it to my inlaws. I took my unit to to a meeting and found out the unit has a 30 second delay, the plug on the front once used to hook the external alarm and strobe light does not have a delay. I plugged the unit in without the external alarm and strobe attached. This is why it didn't work. Everytime i jiggled the door handle nothing happened, this was my error. I didn't know my product before I decided to demo. I am not sure what happened at corporate but, the person who signed you up should take responsibility for not helping you and returning the product for you!
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    Re: SafeGuard Global Security Scam

    I met up with a representative of Safeguard called "CK." He set me right on everything with Safeguard Global and showed me that I didn't understand how to use the unit. The unit came with documentation on how it is to be used, but thought myself a little to wise to read it since my upline reps were telling me everything. They themselves were apparently too busy to understand how to use the unit. People explain it to them with such simplicity that they think they have no further reading to do. Because of that they have installed a special section on their website for innovative training.

    He demonstrated how the unit was to be used in his office and I was astounded. He turned up the sensitivity to the unit and then just lightly tipped a glass window by his office and the unit took off!

    He told me about the debacle with Walmart. I was informed that some units were stolen and then offered to Walmart for sale by the people who stole them.

    I would say basically that I should have contacted CK before. He took a good amount of time to set me straight. Yet that company is coming out with so many innovations so fast, it's amazing. He gave me a refund and told me to take time out to watch what the company is doing, and that I'm welcome to return and help out. These guys never seem to rest. They're always innovating. I've been very occupied lately with moving, but I'm certainly taking a second look at Safeguard Global.

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    Re: SafeGuard Global Security Scam

    Quote Originally Posted by travelwithjenn View Post
    I too had a problem at first with my demo of the product. I did not read my paperwork on the reactor and tried to show it to my inlaws. I took my unit to to a meeting and found out the unit has a 30 second delay, the plug on the front once used to hook the external alarm and strobe light does not have a delay. I plugged the unit in without the external alarm and strobe attached. This is why it didn't work. Everytime i jiggled the door handle nothing happened, this was my error. I didn't know my product before I decided to demo. I am not sure what happened at corporate but, the person who signed you up should take responsibility for not helping you and returning the product for you!
    This is enough information that I need to stay away from the company.

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