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    Improve your life

    Are all people that charge you money to improve your life in any way con men, i.e tony robbins, paul mckenna.
    Most true succesfull people in life are hardworking talented.

    People that charge money if you want to be a singer if they had faith in you they would not charge, hioowever these people do have contacts and famous names.

    i.e simon ellis paul calhane.

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    Re: Improve your life

    Some are conmen - some are not. Those who "are not" genuinely desire to help people and they make their living by helping others. They are selling a product, self improvement. The problem is that conmen prey on people who lack confidence/self esteem. They often copy the way genuine people work. If more people just believed in themselves and their own abilities then there wouldn't be such a market for these spruikers/conmen. Unfortunately that is not the case. There are many successful people who will help you for free if you ask them - and yes they do usually get to be successful through hard work.
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