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    ICS home learning - Success rate

    They use to say to me there pass rate was 97% a-c a-level for most courses, however what I did not realise then was this was just including people who told them they passed as if someone’s gone phone up and say thanks I failed.

    Also for my business course the tutor only answered one email the rest were ignored.

    For psychology all emails were answered however when I needed the meaning to 12 different words the answer was not given

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    Re: ICS home learning - Success rate

    If you cant use a dictionary then don't do a self study course.

    No wonder companies are struggling, ICS has been around for over 100 years and its un-thought out criticism like this that causes these British staples to go into administration.

    I did a GCSE with them and sometimes they didnt answer straight away, but my teachers at Uni dont always answer the second I ask them something either.

    Bottom line is, if you need to gain a qualification through distance learning then dont expect a company with thousands of students to hold your hand the whole way through. Do your own research, if you have a question google the answer. If you still come up with nothing then contact your tutor.

    Oh and call them, emails are easily miss directed, not delivered, deleted by accident etc.

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    Re: ICS home learning - Success rate

    Oh and companies don't compile data like pass rates based on incoming calls.

    If they say its a pass rate that would be because they offer the course and see the results themselves.

    Anyways a person of far more likely to call and say they failed then to say they passed. Just like they are more likely to complain than they are to call up and give praise

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