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    Is the Premier League fixed ?

    Manchester United , Liverpool , Chelsea all heavily in debt and needing to be in the Champions League each season at the very least along with Arsenal ! All supposed to be part of europes "Elite" that could form a breakaway competition irrespective of where they finish some time in the future !

    So what happens when their position in the top 4 is threatened and the teams like Villa , Spurs and now Man City threaten their existence ?

    For United and Chelsea at least for the time being it is business as usual but has anyone noticed how sometimes some of the other two teams bordering on the edge of the top 4 sometimes get a helping hand ?

    Just look at the facts - Spurs score a goal at Old Trafford 3 years ago in the 90th minute when the scores are 0-0 and some how despite the ball going 6ft over the line neither the linesman or the referee ( Mark Clattenberg) see it - strange ! Same season those two extra points is what it takes to put Arsenal in the top 4 on the very last day of the season and Spurs have a "dodgy" lasagne before the West Ham game .

    Look at the Carling Cup semifinal between City and Utd and isn't it strange how a slight tug on a shirt results in City getting a penalty ,yet , the very next day when Liverpool are having a bad season a Liverpool defender virtually rips the shirt off Peter Crouches back and again the ref and linesman don't see anything - what a surprise ! and to cap it all off in the second half having been denied a penalty Defoe latches onto a backpass scores a goal and is given offside ! There can be no doubt about it Howard Webb must have received a "brown envelope" in relation to that game .

    Howard Webb - you are a disgrace and are unfit to referee in the premier league !

    Just look at the facts as opposed to be Liverpool being 7 points adrift of the team in 4th place suddenly through two bad decisions they are in fact just 1 point off 4th place .

    This is just a sample of the many bad decisions that go on through the course of the season and many instances can be noted irrespective of the team that the big 4 are playing ! Ngog dives , Ronaldo dived , Arsenal players dive and of course there was no worse diver in his first season in england than of course Drogba - these guys all cheated but if your teams player dived who would get the yellow card ?
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    Re: Is the Premier League fixed ?

    So as not to appear a disgruntled Spurs supporter let's also consider the happenings at the other end of the table .

    It's the last game of the season and a well respected premiership team sits firmly in the bottom 3 facing relegation if they don't win their last game - and oh by the way their last game of the season is away at Old Trafford !

    Sitting above them is an unfancied team outside of their own town who are a typical Premiership / Championship "yo yo" club .

    The team playing at Old Trafford win by the only goal of the game and the scorer ? he moves on to become a Manchester United player after the game !

    West Ham stay up , Sheffield United go down and Carlos Tevas signs for United and possibly shouldn't have been on the pitch in the first place to score the goal!

    Fix or no fix ?

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    Re: Is the Premier League fixed ?

    Everyone knows it's fixed.

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