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    Taylor: Charity Processing Systems

    Applied for job via *****'s List. Got the "usual" email, so I responded back that due to upcoming surgery, I could not go further with interview. Mail bounced back -RED FLAGS FLYING. Checked the phone number on: [url]http://whocallsme.com/] and it came back bad. This morning's search on SCAM.COM came up with no results so I thought I better add it to the list of scum, I mean scams, taking advantage of the unemployed - again !
    Company is called Taylor: Charity Processing Systems.
    Phone number is in Washington state (yes I made the call).
    Please take note and pass this on.
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    Re: Taylor: Charity Processing Systems

    Sounds like it was one of those 'cash the fake check and Western Union the cash back to the scammer' type scams. Since the email bounced, sounds like someone fell for the scam and alerted the email company and got the email shut down which is not necessarily a good thing. Now the scammer can scam under a new, clean, never posted on any scam-reporting type sites email address and start fresh over. Someone thought they were slowing down the scammer by getting the email address shut down instead they gave him a clean break and license to start all over with a clean slate.

    That being said, lets hope the scammer uses the same 3 words of Charity Processing Systems and suspicious potential victims will find your post and realize it is a scam before losing thousands of dollars.
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