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    Labour invents 33 new crimes every month


    Labour invents 33 new crimes every month

    Labour has introduced 14,300 new offences since taking office in 1997, with Gordon Brown's administration inventing crimes at a rate of more than one a day.

    Thanks to Labour, it is now illegal to swim in the wreck of the Titanic or to sell game birds killed on a Sunday or Christmas Day – eventualities overlooked by previous governments.

    Labour has made 4,289 activities illegal since the 1997 election, at a rate of about one a day – twice the speed with which the previous Conservative government created crimes.

    Gordon Brown was the worst offender, with his government inventing 33 new crimes a month. Tony Blair's administration made 27 new offences each month.

    Some of the more inventive crimes dreamt up by Labour include "disturbing a pack of eggs when directed not to by an authorised officer" and reporting the door of a merchant ship to be closed and locked when it isn't.

    Labour also introduced laws against activities which would already have been covered by previous legislation – such as "causing a nuclear explosion."

    Liberal Democrat home office spokesman Chris Huhne, who brought the figures to light, will criticise the government's administrative binge in a speech tonight.

    He will say Labour has spent 12 years "suffering from the most acute and prolonged bout of legislative diarrhoea", calling the rate of 69 new Home Affairs Bills in 12 years "staggering" .
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    Re: Labour invents 33 new crimes every month

    Quote Originally Posted by Yeah Well Fine Then View Post
    He will say Labour has spent 12 years "suffering from the most acute and prolonged bout of legislative diarrhoea", calling the rate of 69 new Home Affairs Bills in 12 years "staggering" .
    Lol. Probably accurate though.

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    Re: Labour invents 33 new crimes every month

    Holy shit.

    We are still trying to get rid of all our laws that address ridiculous topics. Not sure about new ones but wouldn't be surprised.

    One thing we are doing is trying to float out every conceivable traffic offense with no-recourse hidden cameras in order to shake down the populace.

    The latest and one of the most sickening is this one. And, I warn you--you may not believe how ed up this really is from top to bottom.

    The environment is the battleground--no surprise here in Ca. And the filth are on the move with their lies and stealing from consumers, again--no surprise.

    But get a load of this:

    The proposed tax legislation: Tire pressure fines. Yes, that is correct. Fines in place ( and/or JAIL TIME) for not being able to prove you have had your pressure checked by a pro.

    The reasoning? You may remember this from the last few years where moronic liberals claimed that they could solve the gas crunch with correctly inflated tires...( wait a minute...wasn't that the prize-winner himself?).

    Their capacity for sheer 'stupid' is staggering. They will literally believe ANYTHING they hear. (man-made global warming, global cooling, H1N1, etc...)

    But this story goes a step further, into the sublime:

    The second, and most important part of this proposed legislation was that diesel truck owners had to comply with a draconian emission standard or OVERHAUL and replace their engines--a cost that would put many if not most out of business.

    The diesel emissions expert actually placed a numerical value on the number of lives cost per year (something like 300)/

    The problem?

    The data on which they based their proposal was admittedly MADE UP by a guy who lied about his credentials to get his job!

    Hold on, it gets better...

    After finding out that this mutant got his diploma from a mill run by a known fugitive pedophile, the ' air resources board' STILL voted in favor of this legislation...yep, you heard me.

    here is a bit about the 'schoolmaster'


    A Google hunt turned up this amazing twist -- a January 2008 story in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz about Avrohom Mondrowitz, an alleged serial child molester who posed as a rabbi and "community psychologist" and who escaped prosecution in New York by fleeing to Israel:

    As far as the Israel Police know, Mondrowitz is currently devoting most of his energy, in the many leisure hours at his disposal, to the Internet. There he gratifies his deviant inclinations by watching clips of sadistic activity and pedophilic material. In his remaining time he makes a living by issuing bogus academic degrees to all comers, particularly to students from the Third World. He has emblems and logos from various universities, as well as seals, examples of signatures and registration forms. He refers most of the students to Thornhill University, in London, which grants degrees by correspondence and has a branch in Brooklyn.

    So Tran's degree comes from an Internet diploma mill associated with someone Haaretz calls a notorious, depraved pedophile!! Too bizarre.

    If not for the tireless efforts of the John and Ken radio show ("traitors" according to Barb Boxer) , this shit would get by all of us and be signed into law.

    It would be nice to think this is a California problem, but this is how ing stupid liberals really are all over this great nation.


    There is not a truth existing which I fear
    or would wish unknown to the whole world."
    --Thomas Jefferson

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    Re: Labour invents 33 new crimes every month

    Quote Originally Posted by thistle View Post
    Lol. Probably accurate though.

    Were these laws really needed?

    Are these laws perhaps a sign of a more 'authoritarian' Britain, merely bureucrats gone a bit power mad, or are they perhaps laws designed, not to make our lives safer or better, but to make someone rich (lawyers, for example)?

    I feel that all these stealth laws leave a bad taste in my mouth.

    Each time a new law is passed, or is being proposed, then it should be published in every newspaper, in a manner in which the public understand it, so that A) We can challenge the proposed new law B) So that we are kept aware.

    I realise people can likely find out about them, if they trawl around enough, but that is not really the point. They are meant to serve our interests, therefore, the onus is on the politicians and law lords to ensure that this sort of information is almost impossible to miss.
    Every Saint has a past, every sinner has a future..

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    Re: Labour invents 33 new crimes every month

    Has Mr. Huhne seen fit to publish a full list of the 14,300 offences?
    I've set a news alert for a possible link; if you come up with one first, I'd think kindly of ye to post a link here.

    4200 - or 4289 - activities have been made illegal.
    Where does the number 14,300 in relation to offences come from?
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