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    ATS Marketing Research (ATS Research) Scam

    Hear an ad about $1000 in free groceries? DON'T CALL

    They will tell you that you are getting a gift card for $1000 to use at any of 127 grocery store locations. They drop a reputable name like JP Morgan and Chase Bank and even tell you that the card is a lump sum. However, they don't tell you that it is for groceries.com and all you get is a membership to an online coupon company. There is NO magical $1000 gift card and even though you heard it on the radio it is misleading.

    They will try and set you up with recurring charges for multiple companies that you just have to cancel, which normally would be worth the amount, but there is no card loaded with $1000. There is only a coupon membership, that you still have to pay money for.

    :2gunsfiring_v1:ATS Research is the company located in South Portland, Maine

    Here is the BBB - "F" Rating -


    Beware, as the customer service reps are also rude and will hang up on you before helping you cancel. DO NOT give them your info!! It gets recorded into their system!
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