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    The David Jack hacking e mail scam

    so who thinks he has had his PC hacked and who thinks he sent it himself.

    There have been a lot of posts on here using the same aggressive language, I would have though if this was a hacking or a smear campaign, I would have thought he would have called in the police to sort it out before now.
    I also do not like the way he models himself as a 'consumer champion'. Yes, I have admiration for his work in bringing a certain CMC to justice and also bringing to our attention the debt purchase. I feel he should control his hatred and anger and discuss these things in a less derogatory manner. He also claims to 'rescue' consumers from other CMC's by submitting the claim to his company, and yet we have seen no evidence of any successes from century 21 or indeed any evidence that they are any better than the others. Frying Pan & Fire?

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    Re: The David Jack hacking e mail scam

    you only need to gleen some of his aggressive posts on certain threads to conclude that following a night "on the lash" his private email was very much in line with his usual conduct.
    Nothing but pure hate for CMCs :cwm2:

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