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    Has Anyone Done Business With Russia?

    Has anyone done business with Anastasia Kogan in Russia? I cannot find anything on the Internet or here that says this is a scam. She would like to buy a very expensive artist doll and I'm just crossing all of T's and dotting all my I's as I have not ever shipped to Russia before.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Has Anyone Done Business With Russia?

    I would suggest you proceed with extreme caution. Any mention of cashing a large check or charging extra on a credit card for any reason, it is a scam. Any mention of Western Union or moneygram, scam.

    Just because the person says they are in Russia or want the item shipped to Russia does not necessary mean the email is from Russia. Do you know how to bring up and 'read' a header from an email to determine the geopraphical area it was sent from? If not, something to learn and apply to that email and any other potential purchaser's email.

    The scams coming out of Russia that I have dealt with all involve getting the victim to ship the item instead of trying to convince the sender to wire cash. Usually it is electronics, jewerly, expensive clothes and high end household items that they target.

    Something to keep in mind is that the owner of a stolen credit card might not notice it was stolen untill the bill arrives in a month. 'Available funds' on a check deposited at the bank does not mean the check cleared and the money was truely withdrawn from the sender's account, that could also take up to a month for an out of state check.

    If a buyer sends you a link in an email, supposidly from paypal or an escrow company, it will be fake and just lead you to a fake website or email owned by the scammer.

    You could always post up the email address and emails themselves and we can take a closer look at them. Of course, X-out any personal data you don't feel comfortable making public.
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