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    Beware of Sublet.com -

    Sublet.com tricks customers into thinking the service will connect renters with subletters like *****slist by stating " it is free to join ".
    Yes -it is free to join however they do not share the information to communicate among one another unless you pay. The scam part is really the daily spams promising that there is mail for you but when you go to the mailbox they post fake peoples names and what they are looking for is surprisingly similar to your needs .they try and use this false information to get you to pay to join. BEWARE of sublet.com or sublet.CON

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    Re: Beware of Sublet.com -

    I just remember it being someone worthless service in which I wasn't able to sublet my apartment.

    No leads from that site at all. this goes back nearly 3 years ago.

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