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Thread: Is This A Scam?

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    Is This A Scam?

    I received an order for 3 high end artists' dolls. This person says that their name is Lewis Wengner from Lewis Investment in Valletta, Malta. They want to pay by credit card and they have requested I get a quote for shipping from Assess Air Logistics. I do not feel this is legitamate. Can anyone offer any information?

    Thank you.


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    Re: Is This A Scam?

    Ask them to use well known shipping company. This way you will be able to confirm recipient. And if they insist on using shipping company that nobody ever heard of it is a sure scam.
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    Re: Is This A Scam?

    what is the website? if it is fake, the whole deal is fake and no reason to continue dealing with this person.

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    Re: Is This A Scam?

    Yes, it is the classic 'overpayment scam'. Assess Air Logistics is just a made up name the scammer uses. He has another email account for that 'company' and will email you a quote for shipping. Then he will want you to charge the cost of the items and the shipping to the card and Western Union the excess cash to the 'shipper' (which is really him using one of his fake IDs). He will collect the cash and block your emails when the credit card turns out to be stolen.

    Block his email and don't bother responding, he will just keep trying to get you to do what he wants. Be on the watch for more fake buyers of your dolls. You are now on the 'possible sucker' list the scammers have since you responded to one of their emails.

    All the scammers emails will sound about the same.

    1) Use of some never-heard-of-shipping company that will magically show up at your door and pick up the items.
    2) Payment by credit card or check and want you to Western Union or moneygram the shipper's charges to them.
    3) Sometimes the items will be for overseas gifts and/or the buyer is out of town/state/country.

    If any potential buyer ever mentions the words "Western Union" or "moneygram" it is always 100% a scammer.

    When even the slightest bit suspicious, ask here and google the person's name and company used. Sometimes the scammers will pretend to be affiliated with legit companies and will provide links to legit company websites in order to appear legit themselves.
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    Re: Is This A Scam?

    Thank you everyone for all of your comments. I determined that this was indeed an email scam. Thank you for the person who contacted me to let me know that they had also been approached by this person. Once I googled the Assess Air Logistics (the company that they wanted me to ship via) and determined that there wasn't such a company, I wrote them and said they would have to pay with an International Wire Transfer -- that shut them up. Too bad I didn't know from the beginning not to answer in the first place. I have learned a valuable lesson. Thank you again.

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