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    Need your help, a might be getting scammed

    At first this didnt worry me but for the last few days ive been looking through this forum and now i am really getting paranoid.

    Basically what happened is, about a week or so ago i applied for this job on the internet and they asked me to upload some details, so i gave them a photo copy of my driving license, at first i didnt think much of it, and i didnt get a reply so i just figured i didnt get the job but now im gettin very peranoid.

    What can someone do with that information?

    btw i also gave em details such as my address, date of birth and i think my national insurance number too :madgo:

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    Re: Need your help, a might be getting scammed

    We're terribly sorry for the mix-up. We lost some files over in human resources. Now if you could just go ahead and give me your bank's name, account number and mother's maiden name we'll go ahead and get this straightened up for you right away.


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    Re: Need your help, a might be getting scammed

    Eveything they need to steal your identity.

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    Re: Need your help, a might be getting scammed

    There are several possibilities:

    1) The scammer will use your name and copy of driver's license to scam others. When a potential victim is suspicious he will send your driver's license scan to convince them it is legit.

    2) The scammer will sell your information to all his buddies and they all will us it for decades to come. This is not an exaggeration, I have seen scans of 10 year old IDs used to scam victims.

    3) The scammer will sell you information to someone who will use it to open credit cards, loans, everything possible to steal your identity.

    No matter what the case, I would strongly suggest you invest in a good credit monitoring company for several years to come and frequently purchase copies of your credit report. Keep a close eye on your credit card and bank account statements. You could consider closing all bank accounts and open new ones, tell the bank what happened. Frequently google your own name and see if it pops up in conjunction with reported scams on sites like this.

    Make a police report that you might have had your identity stolen, that way if creditors do come knocking, you have a report to show them.

    And promise that you will never ever do something like this again. As you have figured out, no legit company will ask for copies of driver's license or passport. Legit companies do not recruit via email.
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    Re: Need your help, a might be getting scammed

    oh great...i hate this world sometimes.

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    Re: Need your help, a might be getting scammed


    is free and provides a basic level of credit monitoring, such as number of open accounts. if your number of accounts changes you know somebody opened an account in your name. if it was you, good. if not, bad.

    paranoia is good thing. while on the internet trust nothing and no one.

    don't panic. we all make mistakes.

    you are now wiser than you were yesterday and wisdom is like money in the bank.

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