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    International Accommodation Scam

    :2gunsfiring_v1:New Zealanders have supposedly been caught up in a most important international scam where fraudster go ahead and bid fake accommodation, and then they trick victims into sending across bond and rent cash.

    The scammers concerned are targeting flat-finder websites from all over the globe, and once they have successfully recognized contact with their home-hunting victim via e-mail, they collect money from them and then steal their individual detail to go on and cheat the next victim.
    Sometimes, the scammers go as far in advance as actually speaking with the victim over the phone.

    Warnings of scam have been sounded that someone asking for money via a “Western Union” transfer was “would always be a scammer” and generally working from an overseas location.

    Also people looking for a flat should never send out rental deposits earlier to seeing the flat.

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    Re: International Accommodation Scam

    The 'send cash via Western Union for this amazing rental deal' type scam has been around for a while. It is all over C-raigslist, kijiji, and other sites and affects people all over the world.

    All the postings for the rental units all sound about the same, amazing deal for area, owner is away doing good works, neighbor or management company has keys, mention of cleanliness and godliness, and the Biggest Red Flag of all: send cash via Western Union and if you don't like the apartment the cash will be refunded. Not.
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