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    world web weavers scam


    A big SCAM has just startet

    The convicted felon, Anthony Intini (warning: he use several aliases). Read this newspaper article

    By Kati Phillips Staff writer Chicago Daily


    His partner partner and VP Bill Hoff (he use several aliases too for example William Hoff, Bill William Hoff, Hoff William - This guy is in about every MLM "opp" floating around has together startet world web weaver

    These guys are con artists and do their best to scam people and steal their hard earned money.

    More sources:


    CEO - now for the scam circus http://www.worldwebweavers.com - http://www.world-web-weavers.comis a notorious scammer, con artist without a clue,

    Hear are some simple things to look for when sniffing out a potential MLM scams or pyramid schemes:

    1. No product for you or your downline to sell. 2. No company info.

    Do not burn your fingers on these guys as the police and FBI already investigate.

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    World web weavers Master Scam

    Big warning, folks

    Mr. Anthony Intini III Ai3 (many aliases) and his business partner and VP Bill William Hoff (many aliases and constellations of names too) read here




    more about these con artists


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