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    And Which GOP Thug Is Headed To Prison Today?

    These sub-human, GOP Monkeys have turned the halls of Government into a grab bag of graft. And, apparently, all we can do about it is to simply gaze in amazement at the brazen profligacy of their corruption and the unfathomable ignorance and complacency of their constituents. And as each day more and more of The Flying Monkey and his cohort's crimes, lies and treason are exposed, it's simply becoming part of the daily fabric of life in what used to be America.

    Just this morning, yet another one of these GOP phony flag waving commie rats was caught raiding the cookie jar. This one was George Allen ( R-Criminal VA) who is getting virtually free charter airplane rides from one of his GOP criminal business cronies.

    There's one rule of thumb that seems to hold true in all cases these days. If it walks like a Republican and talks like a Republican...then it's a criminal. This is getting too easy.

    __________________________________________________ _____________________________
    Ohio Rep. Bob Ney's Chief of Staff Neil Volz pled guilty yesterday in the Jack Abramoff scandal, admitting to "...a conspiracy to corrupt Ney, his staff and other members of Congress with trips, free tickets and meals" over a period of more than four years, both as Ney's chief of staff and afterward, when he left to work directly for Abramoff.

    The trips to Ney and members of his staff included golfing at the Old Course at St. Andrews in Scotland, the Fiesta Bowl in Tempe, Ariz., Lake George in New York state, and New Orleans in 2003, according to court papers. There were regular meals and drinks at Abramoff's Washington restaurant, Signatures, the unreported use of Abramoff's box suites at the MCI Center Arena, now named Verizon Center, and Camden Yards baseball stadium in Baltimore for campaign fund-raisers, the court papers added....

    "The purpose of the conspiracy was for defendant Volz and his co-conspirators to unjustly enrich themselves by corruptly receiving, while public officials, and providing, while lobbyists, a stream of things of value.... The intent, said the court papers, was "to influence members of Congress in violation of the law."

    The court was told Ney, who last week won the Republican Ohio primary, agreed to sponsor legislation to assist Abramoff's clients and to stop legislation that hampered them.

    Papers filed in the case identify at least twelve actions by Ney on behalf of Abramoff.

    Volz faces up to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine. The penalties could vary, Huvelle said, depending how helpful Volz is in the government's ongoing investigation of influence-peddling involving lawmakers, their aides and members of the Bush administration.

    As for Volz's boss, "...Only Justice Department prosecutors know whether Ney will be indicted, and they're not talking."

    Ah, Abramoff; like a bad case of herpes, the kind of gift that keeps on giving.

    Although Bush claims not to even know Abramoff (just as he seems to have forgotten his chummy relationship with his biggest campaign contributor, Enron master thief Ken Lay) "...A few days after Bush made the remarks about the photo, Abramoff expressed surprise in e-mails to a magazine editor about the president's faulty memory."

    Abramoff must have been quite surprised, as he personally raised over $100,000 for Bush's campaign and Secret Service logs show he and his employees visited the White House an eye-popping 200 times during Bush's first 10 months in office. As Keith Olbermann noted, this meant Abramoff or one of his employees was in the White House every business day of the year 2001.

    But then, if Bush can't even remember details about catching the largest perch in world history, why should we believe him about anything else?

    To be fair, Bush really has set a quite remarkable world record.

    Volz must be rather envious, as he won't be seeing much of the great outdoors anytime soon.

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    Re: And Which GOP Thug Is Headed To Prison Today?

    The Bush administration should have ended 14 months ago. But then, if it had, we would have been deprived of the spectacle of the most dramatic meltdown in American political history.

    It's no wonder the intelligent American voter is quickly turning their back on these criminal monkeys with all their corruption and their "Declaration of Independence can suck my balls" attitude. This is the greatest collection of losers I have ever had the pleasure of seeing get what they deserve.

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    Re: And Which GOP Thug Is Headed To Prison Today?

    And yet the Congress does little to pass laws that punish those accepting bribes (gifts) from lobbyists.

    The greedy bastards, they should all be replaced and lobbyists banned from Washington altogether.

    Lady Mod

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    Re: And Which GOP Thug Is Headed To Prison Today?

    Keep up the fight DChristie! Amen brother.
    No! We can't all just "Get Along!"

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