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    Daira Organization Scam

    Daira Organization Scam I received a inquire to apply for a part time processing job from Career Builder. The job consists of a company by the name of Daira Organization (a charity organization) giving me a check and then I am suppose to despoit it and then wire it to some third party. At first, I thought that sounded good but when I thought about it more I now think it is a scam. So today they mailed me a cahier check in the amount of 4,600.00 and they want me to keep 7% and wire the remainder. The cahier's check says it is Northridge Bank in Austin, Texas however, I cannot verify that this bank exists. The company has a website http://www.dairahome.org/. I would like to get the word out that this is a scam so no one makes the mistake of depositing this check and wiring the money to a third party. They appear very professional and I amost got scammed so please get the word out there so no one loses their hard earned money. The Cashiers check is mailed by express mail froma P.O. Box out of Denver, Co 80222. The check has a fake bank Northridge Bank with a routing number 112304733 remitter Ray Rivera. Beware this is a counterfiet cashier's check. Many people think a cashier's check is as good as cash but it's NOT. Many people have been scammed and once you wire the money it is gone and no one can do anything because these people are out of the country. PLEASE DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM.

    I have samples of their emails sent to me if you want to see them just let me know. All eamils are sent by Brian Torres
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    Re: Daira Organization Scam

    Thanks for the warning! :)

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    Re: Daira Organization Scam

    Your welcom. I almost got caught and thank God I didn't because it would have cost me 4600.00 dollars. I just want the word to get out please send to as many people as possible. I am tired of the US being victims to those forigners.

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    Re: Daira Organization Scam

    Spread the word out!
    Though they're a scam, I must say I like how their website looks...

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