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    American Independent Capital Group + Sam Arnold

    Sophisticated Loan and Venture Capital Scam (AICG) in Beijing operated by Dr. Sam Arnold + wife Li Dong Ling (aka Linda). Partners are corrupt Chinese army officer and Beijing judge.

    We we were just recently hired to do comprehensive professional due diligence on AICG (American Independent Capital Group, inc. aka AICG operating in Beijing - Haidian District) by one of our clients who authorized us to share part of the report we submitted to our client as follows:

    There are many Sam Arnold s in the world over 138 show up on a Google Search alone.. This particular Sam Arnold mentioned herein is Samuel Neviel Arnold a.k.a.. Dr. Sam Arnold born and raised in Palos Verde, California in 1960 and currently residing in Beijing, PRC (China).

    According to his own admission at Samuel Arnold claims to be the chief principal of American Independent Capital Group, inc. which is currently under investigation by the State of Nevada and the FBI. His business card presents himself to be the CEO yet his name does not appear n any company registration papers in China nor America, nor Panama, the three countries where AICG claims to have offices. Doctor Samuel Arnold purports to hold a Phd. degree yet barely made it through high school (1977 graduate of Miraleste High School in Rancho Palos Verde, Ca. with a 2.2 GPA). According to the FBI and the State of California, Sam Arnold a.k.a. Dr. Samuel Arnold (the same name as his deceased and respected father - who actually was a licensed physician) is a fugitive from prosecution in the United States for various frauds and assaulting a police officer.. The below link confirms this to be true as would a call to the following offices:

    Contractors State License Board
    9821 Business Park Drive
    Sacramento, CA 95827 USA
    (800) 321-CSLB

    Los Angels FBI

    San Francsico FBI

    California Attorney General

    California Better Business Bureau

    U.S. Federal Trade Commission
    [email protected]

    Sam Arnolds date of birth is 1960. He stands five foot eight inches tall with reddish brown hair and hazel eyes (See Photo in Wanted Poster link). He weighs approximately 185 pounds. (92 kilograms). Arnold has an appetite for Cognac and high-priced escorts and is right handed with no known tattoos or scars.

    Arnold is a repeat offender whose past felony crimes included home renovation, consumer, and credit card frauds. Most of his frauds were perpetrated against the elderly according to California State Court records. He pled guilty in California Courts to six frauds and served one year in jail as a sentence. He now faces another ten-year prison sentence if apprehended and returned to the U.S. Arnold is a non-practicing Jew.

    Interviews with actual and prospective clients of AICG reveal that Arnold presents himself to be a direct lender and venture capitalist, yet the SEC, U.S. Federal Trade Commission, and ABA claim AICG is not registered at all. Their web site ( allegedly identifies "success stories" of companies not identified by name and no third party verification is possible. Arnold comes from a large family of six children. Although AICG's contracts look quite official and impressive it appears that Sam Arnold makes his living charging excessive up-front fees. Arnold has been married twice and once divorced with six children. Little is known about his current wife Li Dong Li a.k.a. Linda other than she is also wanted in the United States by Immigration authorities. She is a Chinese national and her date of birth 1964. Photos of both Arnold and his wife can be found at Arnold presents his wife to be a lawyer and a graduate from Remin, Peking, and Tsinghua Unversities in Beijing, but the registrars from these prestigious universities deny she ever attended their law schools.

    Arnold also advises his prospective clients to "Google me with key words of Goldman Sachs, Credite Suisse, and Duetschebank" but the Sam Arnold that appears in that search is another unrelated Sam Arnold from New York. Arnold apparently has a staff of Americans and Australians working for him in his Beijing office (including one John Vickers who is registered as the company President) located in Room 61624 of the SuYuan Office Center Complex of the Beijing Friendship Hotel in Haidian District. AICG has listed telephone numbers of 86-10-6894-4423 and 4424 with foreign registrations in Nevada and Panama where his resident agents are listed respectively as McLaughlin & Associates and Morgan and Morgan LLC at these addresses:

    McLaughlin & Associates, Inc.
    2533 North Carson Street Suite A417
    Carson City, Nevada 89706 USA

    Morgan & Morgan, LLC
    MMG Tower 16th Floor
    53rd Street
    Obarrio, Panama City
    Republic of Panama

    The above addresses are suitable for legal service of any claims, demands, and notices. Copies of same should also be sent to the authorities below:

    U.S. Attorney General

    California Attorney General
    Office of Victims Services
    California Attorney General's Office
    P.O. Box 944255
    Sacramento, CA 94244-2550
    Phone Toll-free: (877) 433-9069

    Federal Bureau of Investigation
    (800) 207-7676 or 310-477-6565

    U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission

    U.S. Federal Trade Commission
    General Secretariat
    200, quai Charles de Gaulle
    69006 Lyon
    France Fax: +33 (0)4 72 44 71 63

    Our information is that Arnold encourages his American staff to marry local Chinese nationals so they cannot be indicted nor extradited to the United States. One of his Chinese clients informed us that he evades legal problems in China by laundering money for corrupt Chinese officials. We have not yet been able to identify a single party that has been funded by AICG nor Arnold and a former AICG secretary claims Arnold defrauded clients of more than $3 million in 2008.
    His last known address is registered with the Haidian District police department of Beijing. Property records indicate this unit was purchased in January, 2009 for $2.3million.

    AICG and Arnold currently maintain bank accounts at China Merchant Bank, HSBC, Construction Bank, and Misheng Bank. No assets appear to be owned directly by Sam Arnold anywhere. All of his California and China properties are registered in the name of his wife and sons, including a $2 million home in the Bay area of California now occupied by his sons Wesley and Sam Jr.

    AICG utilizes a variety of shady brokers including a former federal agent and retired Chinese Army officer, all of whom Arnold circumvents whenever convenient. One of his many schemes is to sell over-priced coffee machines with the lure that one day his Mr. Colombia brand will go public and become world famous. In reality he has never filed any applications to go public, and merely pockets thousands of dollars from the local Chinese who buy into his get rich quick pitch. Another similar scheme involves an English School run by one of his sons by the same name in the very same building as AICG offices. By using long yearly contracts they entice young college students to sign up for the $3,000 course with promises of working for their AICG offices in America. In reality there are no staffed AICG offices in America, only a resident agent. Due to extensive corruption in China, very few of his Chinese victims even report that they have been swindled. By our estimates, AICG rang up over $5 million in up-front fees over the last 18 months. In China $5 Million is the equivalent of earning $30 Million here in the U.S.

    One AICG victim (client) named Mei Hui who owns a large hotel in Beijing, claims she was swindled by Arnold for over $1 million but less than $10 Million and she is willing to tell her story to any law enforcement official and claims that she recently received death threats from Arnold and his wife, and was even assaulted by them when she demanded a refund of her fees. Another client, Dr. Liu of Dada Laboratories (Cosmetic Clinic) has been waiting over one year for his loan after paying more than 300,000 RMB in up-front fees. Arnold claims to be a registered agent for the AFL-CIO Pension fund but Union officials deny any such affiliations.

    Arnold also has three other front companies registered in China by the name of Mr. Coffee, Investments in China, and Athena Learning Center. More are probably in the works. Since he never puts his own name on anything, names to watch out for are his front people including wife Li Dong Ling, Australian John Vickers, American Homer Burks, Hou Ying, and a variety of office staff that changes every few months.

    Anyone contacted or solicited by Arnold should be extremely cautious, and notify the local FBI or American embassy of their contact immediately. Arnold served one year in prison and fined $70,000 after pleading guilty to six felonies, and has assaulted police officers in the past. He is considered to be violent and dangerous and may use aliases when traveling. Arnold uses no less than six email addresses and is one of the most charming con artists one will ever meet. If you shake his hand, you are well advised to count your fingers immediately thereafter. These below links document the loooong criminal past and present criminal activity of Mr. & Mrs. Arnold:

    Comments and posts of former AICG employees at and are quite revealing and speak for themselves.

    LATEST UPDATE: AICG is now utilizing bogus and fabricated news releases to win confidence of new victims. These phony news releases purport that AICG raised millions of dollars for companies that cannot be independently verified. All of these news releases are posted on free news release service sites that require no verification. Also, AICG front man John Vickers of Austrailia now presents himself of president of AICG to divert attention away from actual owners (Sam and Linda Arnold a.k.a. Li Dong Ling, a.k.a. Li Arnold). Arnold also uses forged documents and doctored photoshop photos of himself with various Chinese officials to give himself false credibility. Anyone who actually believes the BS Arnold and associates spew probably deserves to be swindled!. Just Google Sam Arnold, AICG, Beijing, and you will learn more than you want to know about this professional shyster.
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    Re: American Independent Capital Group + Sam Arnol

    It looks like the law finally caught up with this thief who was arrested while posing as a woman at Beijing airport. The whole story can be found at this link:

    Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus!

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    Re: American Independent Capital Group + Sam Arnol

    CHECK THIS SITE OUT! Al Qaeda Company's Consultants and Project Directors are highly trained in investment finance, project, debt and equity financing. They are special trained to rip people off by employing Al Qaeda's project finance processess that they have mastered. The monies help support the Al Qaeda network and Osama bin Laden's fighters to help consolidate the international network he established during the Afghan war. Al Qaeda's Project Directors have collected millions of dollars around the world. This one of the most underminded crimes in the world. Al Qaeda used the world wide Financial crisis to rob thousands of people. Al Qaeda became the people's bank for all major development projects. is owed by Osama bin Laden and the Al Qaeda network. Al Qaeda has mastered ways to raise money. This is one of the best investment internet based banking SCAM in the world's history. They promise to finance development projects by charging upfront fees, fake loan documents, escrow accounts, and other loan program methods. Instead funds Al Qaeda supports to aide in blowing up buildings and killing people.
    The CIA needs to blow this company off the face of this EARTH. They have many offices around the WORLD and websites.
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    You Will Die In Hell With Your Leader

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