A year ago my mom entered into a contract with Directv in March 2009 - the choice plan at $29.99 for 12 months. She and I both thought this plan was exactly that - 12 months. Fast forward to today. We found out the the contract is for 18 months, and after March, the price will go up from the $29.99 price. I've called Directv and the contractor who did the service for us. All say to look at the contract, and that they reserve the right to make changes at any time, be it price or programming. The reps made me and her to be some stupid saps. I really don't think my mom would have went into the contract knowing she would have to had to pay more for about six months. I mean, when we saw the promo in various ads, we even read the small print. Nothing about an 18 month contract. The current ads about the 12 month $29.99 plan doesn't even say anything about 18 month contracts.
We love Directv's service - that is not a problem. We have a problem concerning the contract. Anyone here with any information, suggestions - anything - please fill me in. We don't want to be had again.